FDM Hardware and Software Vendors

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FDM Hardware and Software Vendors

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Aerobytes Ltd

Replay and analysis software for Windows, FDM service and Wireless Download hardware


AirFASE product


ALYZAIR is a flight data monitoring service provider based in Paris since 1995. ALYZAIR web-based service alyzia.net offers a comprehensive range of FDM tools, including 3D flight animation services.


Recorders and download equipment

BAE Systems

Flight recorders (e.g. CQAR)

British Airways

FDM replay and analysis software (BASIS modules)

For more information please contact Captain Keith Dyce at Keith.Dyce@ba.com


Suppliers of Flight Data, Cockpit Voice and Quick Access Recorders, Air Data Computers and test equipment, Ice & snow detection systems

Flight Data Services

Flight Data Services is the world’s leading specialist FDM service provider, monitoring over 600 aircraft of 50 different types for a variety of customers including scheduled and charter airlines, cargo operators and corporate operators. For further information please contact enquiries@flightdataservices.com


Flight data analysis and animation/visualisation software (Insight); used by accident investigators, aircraft manufacturers and airlines for event analysis and FDM Programs; web-based FDM Service for airlines; detailed event investigations for airlines similar to safety board investigations; and consulting services for flight data analysis hardware and software.

Helinalysis Ltd

The World’s first specialist Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) services provider.
Fully hosted or managed FDM services, specialist advice and consultations on all aspects of HFDM, HOMP, FOQA, MFOQA. For more information or to arrange an informal discussion please contact info@helinalysis.com

International Air Transport Association -Flight Data Analysis

IATA offers a Web-based FDA Service for airlines, providing flight data expertise and access to the leading analysts and methodologies. The value of FDA is further enhanced by IATA's unique ability to share lessons learned across the airline community to increase global industry safety levels.

L-3 Communications


Muirhead Avionics

Avionics and FDR repair, overhaul, modification and transcription. Airline FDM replay and analysis service.


Recorders and replay and analysis software (AGS)


Flight visualisation software (FlightViz)

Smiths Aerospace

Helicopter Health & Usage Monitoring systems (HUMS), Helicopter FDM programmes


swiss49 provide a cost effective, full-scale, web-based Flight Data Monitoring, Flight Operations Efficiency and Maintenance Operational Quality Assurance service. Customers are provided with tailored statistical reports, Safety and Operational conclusions and recommendations by the highly experienced and qualified swiss49 team.

Teledyne Controls

Data acquisition and recording systems, Wireless data transfer (Wireless Groundlink) , Data replay and analysis software (AirFASE, GRAF), Flight vizualisation and flight crew training software (Vision, ReVision), Flight Data Monitoring services.

Thales Avionics

Aircraft avionic equipment