Strategic Review of General Aviation in the United Kingdom

The CAA has undertaken a strategic review of General Aviation. The final report is now available.

Because of the many developments in progress or planned which have important implications for the General Aviation (GA) sector, the CAA Board took the view in mid-2005 that a strategic review of a number of broader issues related to this sector would be timely.

Accordingly, the CAA undertook a strategic review of GA - carried out between Autumn 2005 and June 2006 by a joint CAA/industry/Government team. The team was chaired by Alex Plant, who is Head of Economic Policy & International Aviation in the CAA's Economic Regulation Group. 

The Final Report of the Strategic Review of GA is now available.


The basis of the review, and further details of the process, was set out in the letter sent to the industry by Sir Roy McNulty, CAA Chairman, on 15 June 2005 (see below).

Letter from Sir Roy McNulty of 15 June 2005.

The universal view from respondents to this letter was that this was a welcome initiative. Consequently Alex Plant wrote to the industry on 26 July 2005 seeking to move the process forward. This letter, which gives details of the membership of the Strategic Review team, is below.

Letter from Alex Plant of 26 July 2005.

This part of the CAA website was used to post relevant material developed during the Strategic Review, which helped to maximise the transparency of the process and allowed the wider stakeholder community to offer comments directly.

Terms of Reference.

Review team members and contact details.


Timeframe for the workstreams.

Dates of meetings.

Minutes of meetings.

In addition to this review of strategic issues affecting the GA sector, the CAA also carried out a comprehensive review of its regulatory approach to the GA sector, smaller AOC holders, and small aerodromes. This Regulatory Review was carefully co-ordinated with the Strategic Review and was under the Chairmanship of David Chapman, Head of Operating Standards Division in the Safety Regulation Group of the CAA. Further details of the Regulatory Review of General Aviation are available.