Audit Techniques Course

Audit Techniques Course

Audit Techniques Course

Building on the strengths of this highly acclaimed and successful course.

 Duration 5 days
 Location Gatwick area
 Dates 23 - 27 April 2007
23 - 27 July 2007
17 - 21 September 2007
26 - 30 November 2007
 Fees £2,338.25 incl VAT, fully residential 

This well established course has been significantly revised and trains delegates in auditing and assessment techniques, enabling them to gain objective evidence of an organisation's degree of compliance with UK CAA/JAA/EASA requirements and to present this in a clear and concise report.  It is structured in such a way as to make it applicable to the auditing requirements of aviation authorities, other similar regulatory bodies and aviation industry organisations wishing to develop effective internal and supplier auditing processes.  Audit process management and team leadership skills development is an integral part of the course. 

Below is a brief outline, covering the main subjects covered in this five day course:

Course Outline

Day 1
Quality & Safety Management - a regulatory perspective
Management Systems - basic principles
The need for effective process management
Consideration for Human factors
Communicating the system
Verification of system and process effectiveness
Audit process management
The regulatory approval and oversight process
Initial preparation for an on-site approval audit

Day 2
On-site audit planning and team composition
The role and responsibilities of team leaders and auditors
Audit team leader skills development
Detailed planning for on-site audit activities
The development of audit check lists

Day 3
CAA examples of the application of approval and auditing techniques
Searching for evidence of conformity
The audit sample
Developing an audit strategy
Interview & questioning techniques
Development of auditor’s working documentation
Audit protocol - Entry / Exit meetings / Audit Guides / Team meetings
Audit team leader skills development

Day 4
Conducting an audit Entry Meeting
Recording and reporting audit findings objectively
CAA examples of the application of approval and auditing techniques
Extensive audit role play (a particular feature of the course)
Audit team leader skills development

Day 5
Evaluating & presenting audit results
The audit "Exit Meeting"
Exit Meeting presentations
Audit reports and records
Audit team leader skills development
The corrective action process & the need for effective corrective action verification
Planning for effective verification of corrective actions

The course programme combines lectures together with a highly interactive series of role-play situations leading up to a substantial "audit" of a fictitious organisation, which is a particular feature of this course. These situations are designed to demonstrate particular techniques within an overall auditing methodology, which is put forward during the course.  Syndicate exercises and role play activities are conducted using a team auditing approach designed to assist in the development of team leadership skills. In order to maximise the benefits of team work, this is a fully residential course.  This technique was selected in order to allow everyone to participate fully throughout all phases of the course.

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