Official Record Series 3 - Action Required Following Changes

Action required by ATOL holders following changes to the Official Record Series 3 in April 2013.

Addition of ATOL Standard Term 1.7B

This additional ATOL Standard Term requires that specified wording is included by all ATOL holders  in their  terms of business with a consumer.

This will mean terms & conditions relating to consumers will require amending by inserting  the wording at Annex 3.

Addition of Agency Term 12 and ATOL Standard Terms 1.7A and 1.7B

The new Agency terms requires ATOL holders that make licensable sales through agents to change the terms of their written agency agreements with their agents.

CAA advised that the preferred method would be for the ATOL holder could send out an entirely new agency agreement incorporating all of the agency terms, including this  Agency term 12, and ATOL Standard Term 1.7A and 1.7B [as part of relevant AST1s in the greyed box within Agency Term 2.1.].

A full version of all the Agency terms is attached at Annex 1.

ATOL holders that choose not to send out all the Agency terms could as a  possible alternative send an update of just the new terms.

A suggested form of words that ATOL holders could consider using for this update method is at Annex 2

ATOL holders have until 31 May 2013 to comply with the changes outlined above