Official Record Series 3

Official Record Series 3

Official Record Series 3 (ORS3)  contains important information such as:
• the ATOL Standard Terms
• the Accredited Body Standard Terms
• the Schedule of Agency Terms to be included in agency agreements
• the format for ATOL Certificates
• the rate and payment periods for ATOL Protection Contributions (APC), and
• exemptions from the ATOL and ATT Regulations

Revised edition of ORS3, September 2014
The CAA issued a consultation in June 2014 on a proposal to amend ATOL Standard Term 6.  When the consultation ended on 1st August 2014 all responses were reviewed.  A number of issues and questions were raised in these responses and, as a result, the CAA believes that further consideration needs to be given to the proposal before making a final decision on ATOL Standard Term 6.

The CAA published an updated edition of Official Record Series 3 on 2nd September 2014.  This edition does not include any change to ATOL Standard Term 6 but it does include changes to other ATOL Standard Terms, the Schedule of Accredited Body Standard Terms, the Schedule of Agency Terms and amendments to some Exemptions.  These changes were explained in the CAA’s consultation document and a brief outline of each of these is below:

Exemptions 08/2012, 10/2012, 04/2013, 05/2013, 06/2013
The statement required on invoices and receipts has been changed by replacing the word “flight” in the statement with the word “sale”.

Exemption 08/2012 Airline Ticket Agents/IATA Agents selling flights (see note 1)
Travel businesses must meet the IATA UK financial criteria as well as local requirements to be considered an IATA Airline Ticket Agent.

Exemption 06/2012 Whole Plane Sales, 05/2013 Corporate Sales
For these Exemptions CAA has clarified what is required of the parties involved to ensure the sale is exempt.

Schedule of Agency Terms (see note 2)
Agency Agreements must be dated.

ATOL Standard Term 1.1 – Information in Publicity Material (see note 2)
Accredited Bodies’ members must include a statement with details of the Accredited Body and the member in all publicity material.

ATOL Standard Term 1.5 (see note 2)
This Standard Term has been revised so that, if an ATOL holder issues a receipt, it must show which part of the money is ATOL protected and which, if any, is not.

ATOL Standard Term 1.7 (see note 2)
To ensure consumers retain financial protection under the ATOL scheme, an ATOL holder needs the CAA’s prior consent if it is intending to transfer any ATOL-protected bookings to another business entity.
ATOL Standard Term 5.4
ATOL holders must keep records and copies of any contract or agreement entered into for flights. 

ATOL Standard Term 7
The CAA may require an Accountable Person to complete a training course.

Accredited Bodies Standard Term 3
The revised wording states that Accredited Bodies must maintain a Trust Account approved by the ATT and CAA to receive payments from consumers to their AB members.

Accredited Bodies Standard Term 7
The change requires the date of birth of a member that is a sole trader or partner(s) to be provided to CAA.

Accredited Bodies Standard Term – Compulsory Terms A1
AB members must deal with consumers’ payments in accordance with the terms of the AB Trust Deed, which has been approved by the ATT and CAA.
(1) Exemption 08/2012
The CAA will allow a period of transition until 1 April 2015 for businesses to meet the new criteria required as a result of the change to the Exemption ‘Airline Ticket Agents / IATA agents selling flight-only’.

(2)  Agency Agreements
The amendments to the Schedule of Agency Terms and AST 1.1, 1.5 and 1.7 require ATOL holders to change the terms of their written agreements with their agents.  The CAA will allow a period of transition until 1 April 2015 for ATOL holders to make the changes to their agreements, including inserting a date if not previously dated, and to re-issue those agreements to their agents.


Section 1.2 of the ORS3 includes the Exemptions from the ATOL Regulations.  In accordance with Regulation 11 of the ATOL Regulations any Exemptions granted by the CAA from time to time after publication of ORS3 are published on this website. 

Public Hearings

If in accordance with ATOL Regulation 57(3), the CAA is required to publish notice of the date, time and place of a public hearing the details would be published on the CAA website.