Use of the CAA Logo

Copyright information

The CAA strictly controls the use of its logo.

The text and image are Trade Marks and it is illegal to use them without the permission of the CAA.

The CAA logo may be used only by individuals or companies who:

  • hold an approval / permission / certification granted by the CAA,
  • act in the capacity as a supplier to the CAA with our express permission.

In these circumstances, an individual or company will only be permitted to use the CAA logo where the logo is also endorsed with the CAA's unique reference number, granted for that particular approval, permission or certification together with an explanation of the type of approval, permission or certification held.

An individual or company must refrain from using the CAA logo without permission or where such use may result in misleading the public as to the authenticity of an activity, which has not been correctly approved, permitted or certified by CAA.

Any specific request for use of the CAA logo should be referred directly to our Corporate Communication Team