Application for a Article 232 Authorisation

Information for applying for a Article 232 Authorisation


This authorisation enables the Authorised Person to prevent aircraft flying in accordance with the provisions of Article 232 of the Air Navigation Order 2009.  The authorisation may be used only to detain aircraft for reasons of safety and until such time as an appropriately qualified CAA employee has been summoned and has taken control of the situation.

CAA policy is to limit an Article 232 Authorisation issued to a person who is not a CAA employee to the power to prevent aircraft from flying for valid specified reasons.  Authorised Persons must have the means and the procedures in place to quickly obtain CAA assistance when required.  Authorisations are usually held by experienced personnel responsible for operations at aerodromes, and are valid only for a named individual in a particular post at a stated aerodrome.  The CAA can revoke an authorisation at any time that it sees fit to do so.

An Authorised Person acting under Article 232 is not carrying out a function of the CAA or acting on its behalf.  Their authority to perform the function derives from their appointment by the CAA under the ANO as an Authorised Person and they are responsible for their own actions.  Liability for the use of Authorisations under Article 232 by non-CAA personnel lies solely with them and their employer, and not with the CAA.

The CAA will specify in any Authorisation granted to a non-CAA employee that it is restricted to the circumstances set out in Article 232, and authorise people to detain an aircraft only where the Authorised Person has grounds to suspect that it is intended to be flown in such circumstances as to be a cause of the danger or while in a condition unfit for flight.  This is specified clearly in the conditions on the Authorisation Card issued to each such Authorised Person.

An Article 232 Authorisation should not be confused with another CAA authorised power granted to certain aerodromes under The Civil Aviation (Chargeable Air Services) (Detention and Sale of Aircraft) Regulations 2001, and The Civil Aviation (Detention and Sale of Aircraft for Eurocontrol) Regulations 2001.  It is very important that the correct Aerodrome staff, holding an in date authorisation, use the correct power when the need arises.  The Aerodrome Manual should include those persons issued with a 232 authorisation.

Before you apply please check our guidance on eligibility for Article 232 Authorisations


Applicants are required to provide details of both their qualifications and work experience relevant to the authorisation.  The application must be endorsed by the Accountable Manager at the aerodrome concerned.


There is no charge for the issuing of this authorisation.

Processing Time (on receipt of all the required information)

2 - 4 Weeks from receipt.

Validity Period

The authorisation is valid for three years.

You will need to provide

Associated rules and regulations

  • Article 232 of the Air Navigation Order 2009

How to apply

Complete the application form electronically, then print, sign and return it with a passport-sized photograph to:

Business and Operations Support
Aerodrome and Air Traffic Standards Division
Civil Aviation Authority
Aviation House
Gatwick Airport South
West Sussex

What to expect

  • CAA will process the application
  • Once the application has been approved, an authorisation card will be posted

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