Checking for ATOL Protection

Find out how to tell if your holiday is protected by the ATOL scheme, so you can get home safely or get a refund if your travel company collapses

Checking for ATOL Protection

ATOL Protection

Applies to virtually any overseas air holiday that you book with a UK travel company. The law says your holiday must be protected if you book a holiday with a single travel company that includes:

  • flights and accommodation, (including a cruise), or
  • flights and car hire, or 
  • flights, accommodation and car hire.

The ATOL scheme also applies if you book flights but are not immediately given your ticket.

It does not apply to flights or holidays booked direct with scheduled airlines.

What protection covers

ATOL stops you losing money or becoming stranded abroad if your travel company collapses:

  • If the company collapses while you are on holiday, ATOL will make sure you can finish your holiday and get home as planned.
  • If the company collapses before you leave the UK, the scheme will provide a full refund for the holiday you booked. In some cases you may be able to continue with some of your travel arrangements.

  • Learn how to make a claim 

Make sure you are protected

To make sure your holiday is protected, look for the ATOL logo in your travel company’s brochures, adverts and websites. Your travel company should also be able to tell you if ATOL protection applies.  
From 1 October 2012, when you book your holiday, your travel company is required to give you an ATOL Certificate explaining how your holiday is protected.

Check an ATOL

Check whether a travel company is a current ATOL holder. Search by ATOL number or company name.