Noise and Environmental Enquiries and Complaints

The CAA provides a focal point for aviation related environmental complaints and enquiries.

We provide a focal point for aircraft noise complaints and aviation related environmental enquiries. But it is important to understand that we don’t have legal power to restrict aircraft activity due solely to noise nuisance, so we are not able to provide direct help to stop the activity that is affecting you.

Noise complaints about aircraft flying to or from a specific airport should be directed to the airport concerned. An airport’s operating hours and noise restrictions are often agreed with the local planning authority which may be able to provide more information about restrictions that are in place.

As the UK’s civil aviation regulator we have no authority over military aviation. For more information about military aviation or to register a complaint, please call the Ministry of Defence on 0845 600 7580 or click here.

You can ask us for information about environmental aspects of civil aviation including making aircraft noise complaints online.

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