How civil aviation is governed internationally.

Aviation is an international business with aircraft crossing national boundaries every few seconds.

UK airlines operate throughout the world and with one of the largest civil aviation industries in the world the UK has considerable impact on civil aviation. Because of this global nature aviation regulation is also an international task.

The overarching body for worldwide civil aviation safety regulation is the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). This is a United Nations body responsible for setting the minimum safety standards throughout the world. Nations and continents must adhere to these but then also have the option to enhance them if they see fit. ICAO regularly audits countries to ensure they comply with the standards and this provides a level of confidence to other nations.

ICAO also oversees various international treaties governing the law of international aviation and consumer protection.

The CAA is an active and respected member of the international aviation community. We work closely with UK Government to support ICAO work.


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