Safety Management: Safety Initiatives

Your safety is the number one priority of the whole aviation industry. Learn about what measures make flying as safe as it is.

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For the CAA to be confident that the highest practicable levels of safety are achieved, any incidents with possible safety implications are closely scrutinised. All parts of the 'aviation system' are closely monitored. This includes the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of aircraft, the operational environment including airports and air traffic control systems and the performance of the personnel involved.

By monitoring the safety performance of the aviation system, the CAA can assess whether the safety risks are being properly controlled by the industry and public and can identify areas where safety may need to be improved. Where appropriate the CAA and other organisations fund research or a specific safety initiative.

These initiatives are described in the CAA Safety Regulation Group (SRG) Safety Plan and may be conducted by research or internal actions. Recent activities include:

  • Flight Crew Reliance on Automation
  • Maintenance Incident Analysis
  • Runway Safety
  • GPS Approaches
  • Lighting for Helidecks

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