How Safe is UK Aviation?

Why joint working is behind the UK's safety statistics

Ensuring the safety of UK civil aviation is the CAA’s number one priority. In fact, statistics show the UK has one of the safest aviation records in the world:

  • Despite UK operators accounting for the highest number of flights in the EU, the fatal accident rate here is 57% lower than the rest of Europe.

  • In terms of large commercial aircraft, the UK fatal accident rate is half the rest of the world combined.

  • There is an average of one fatality for every 287 million passengers using UK airlines.

Air passengers in the UK can therefore take their flight – be it for business or pleasure – with the confidence that they will arrive at their destination safely, and this is thanks to the continuing joint working between the CAA and the aviation industry.

The CAA is committed to working in partnership with the aviation industry to address any issues, and improve safety levels for passengers even further.

Read more about the CAA’s approach to improving aviation safety in the UK.

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