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Using Adobe Acrobat Reader to view documents, publications and forms

To view all of the documents, publications and forms on this web site you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader v7 or above installed on your computer.  This is available free of charge from the Adobe web site, and can be accessed by clicking on the "Get Adobe Reader" image below.

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Further Assistance

For advice regarding problems you could encounter when viewing our publications or completing our online forms, please refer to the Viewing Publications and Forms FAQs.

Problems with Chrome

Having trouble submitting your PDF forms using Chrome as your browser?

The browser Chrome includes a plug-in for viewing PDF files, this is designed to give you faster browsing to this type of file.

Unfortunately, the Chrome plug-in is basic and lacks many useful features like pagination and bookmarks. It also prevents the CAA PDF form being 'submitted' on-line.

To overcome this problem in Chrome, it is possible to turn the plg-in off and use the standard Acrobat reader software to complete and submit the CAA on-line forms.

To do this, you need to have your Chrome browser open and type chrome://plugins/ into your address bar, when this has opened up options you will be able to turn off the Chrome PDF plug-in.

When you have done this you will be able to submit the PDF form.