Searching CAA Databases

The different ways of searching for information on the CAA web site.

In addition to the standard internet site search capability, the CAA also provides a number of applications to enable you to search databases of publically available information.

Standard Search Capability

Each page of the CAA's internet site has a search box at the top right of the screen. This may be used for basic word searching. This will search all standard text pages and formal documents and publications produced using Adobe Acrobat (PDF format).

For instance, searching on the words "medical examination" returns a summary of all pages containing these words. The search engine is tuned to return what we feel is the most appropriate documents near the top of the list, with the less relevant documents nearer the bottom. From this results page a more advanced search function can be reached, should it be needed.


Aircraft Register (G-INFO) Database

The UK Register of Civil Aircraft currently holds details of over 16,000 currently registered aircraft (42,000 aircraft in total). G-INFO is a database extract taken directly from the United Kingdom Register of Civil Aircraft and other data sources maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority.


Check an ATOL Database

"ATOL" is a protection scheme for flights and air holidays, managed by the CAA. Most firms who sell air travel in the UK are required by law to hold a licence called an "ATOL". Check an ATOL enables you to check that your flight or holiday provider is bonded by ATOL.


Airworthiness Approval Note (AAN) Database

An Airworthiness Approval Note is a document which records the approval of the build definition or a modification of an aircraft. It includes the standards that have been applied, the justification of compliance with those requirements, any restrictions or limitations affecting the approval, and a statement of approval. This facility enables you to search an extract of the AAN database and view related documentation (PDF format).


Aircraft Equipment Approvals (AEARS) Database

AEARS is an extract of information detailing existing Aircraft Equipment approved by the UK CAA. Please refer to the Aircraft Equipment Approvals pages for important information relating to changes in the aircraft equipment approval process.


CAA Publications

Although all formal CAA Publications are searched using the standard search capability described above, there is a specific search function available which groups the publications into related subjects, and enables you to view recently changed publications.