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CAA Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement

Privacy Policy

Content on the CAA website is provided to site users and does not require any user information to be supplied in order to access the content.  For general website content the CAA Internet Site does not store or capture personal information.

Subscription Controlled Content

The CAA website has two areas where we do capture the details of our users to enable these services to operate.

Publication Subscription Service – this service allows users to set-up an account on the CAA website so that an email can be sent to them when a new or amended publication has been added to one or more subscription categories that are of interest. Users are able to manage their account at any time and the users’ password is not known to the CAA.  The user's details are not shared with any third party and will never be used for any other purpose.

CAA Forums – The CAA has a number of closed forums which are hosted on the CAA website.  Participation to use a forum is controlled by invitation by the CAA forum owner who will create a user account and send an invite to the users to participate in the forum.  Once established the forum member is able to manage their own account and password. The user's details are not shared with any third party and will never be used for any other purpose.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which are stored on a user's computer; these files are typically used to help a website provide users with pages and content that reflects the uses of a site, for example when you add goods to a shopping basket and then navigate away from that page and then return to the basket your product selections will have been remembered.  Other common examples include the use of cookies for website statistics which can provide valuable information for website managers to help improve page content, layout and navigation.
More information on cookies, how they work and how to manage them can be found on sites such as

Cookies on the CAA Website

The CAA website does not set any cookies.  We do, however have two third party products that are used for website statistics and for our search engine.

Cookies set for web statistics

The CAA uses third party services provided by ComScore, to record usage data of the CAA website, this is achieved by embedding code into our webpages which is then logged by ComScore.   CAA has access to this to analyse page hits and user navigation of the pages on the site. This information is used to help improve the quality of the pages and to inform us of how users navigate the CAA website.

The ComScore site uses cookies to achieve the information gathering, these include:

Cookie NameExpiry
c1  5 years
s15 years

About comScore

comScore, an independent measurement and research company which provides a service to gather information regarding visitor activity on the CAA website.  comScore has committed to handling personal data they receive from the European Economic Area in accordance with the EU's data protection requirements. For information on how comScore treats personal data please see the comScore Privacy Policy.

Cookies set by our Search Engine Provider - Siteimprove

The CAA search engine is managed by a third party supplier, Siteimprove, although the search engine does not require the use of cookies the service is hosted by Siteimprove and cookies are applied when the search engine is used.

Cookie NameExpiry
ns_cookietest  Session Only
ns_sessionSession Only
ASP.Net_SessionidSession Only

For more information on the use of cookies on the Searchimprove website please see the Siteimprove Cookie statement.