Information for Consumers

ATOL is a scheme that protects you from losing money or becoming stranded abroad if your travel company collapses.

ATOL Certificate

When you book a protected holiday, you should receive an ATOL Certificate as soon as you have paid any money. The certificate explains your protection and what to do if your travel company collapses.

Booking with European travel firms that do no hold an ATOL

Some travel firms based in Europe are selling flight-inclusive holidays in the UK without ATOL protection.

Before you book, find out more about the risks here.

Check you are ATOL Protected

Look for the ATOL logo and ATOL numbers on travel company websites and in adverts and brochures.

Find out if your holiday is ATOL protected

Check an ATOL

Check whether a travel company is a current ATOL holder. Search by ATOL number or company name.


Consumer Advice

The CAA has no mandate to regulate the standards of service that airlines or tour operators provide, or to dictate and interpret Booking Conditions, and as such we are unable to intervene in disputes.

If you need help on how to resolve a dispute then please click on the relevant link below:

The CAA's Passenger section also provides a large range of information and helpful advice in respect of your flight and your rights.  Read more here

What to do if your travel company collapses

If your travel company collapses while you are on holiday then we will make sure you can finish your trip and return home. If your holiday is booked but you have not yet left, you will usually receive a refund.