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No. Registration Status Serial No. Aircraft Type Photo
1 G-BSMU R PFA 204-11732 RANS S6 Yes
2 G-BSSI R PFA 204-11782 RANS S6
3 G-BSTT R PFA 204-11880 RANS S6
4 G-BSUA R PFA 204-11910 RANS S6
5 G-BTNW R PFA 204-12077 RANS S6-ESA
6 G-BTXD R PFA 204-12104 RANS S6-ESA
7 G-BUEW R PFA 204-12021 RANS S6
8 G-BUOK R PFA 204A-12317 RANS S6-116 Yes
9 G-BUTM R PFA 204A-12414 RANS S6-116 Yes
10 G-BUWK R PFA 204A-12448 RANS S6-116 Yes
11 G-BVCL R PFA 204A-12551 RANS S6-116 Yes
12 G-BVFM R PFA 204A-12579 RANS S6-116
13 G-BVOI R PFA 204A-12712 RANS S6-116 Yes
14 G-BVPW R PFA 204-12737 RANS S6-116
15 G-BVUM R PFA 204A-12685 RANS S6-116 Yes
16 G-BVZO R PFA 204A-12710 RANS S6-116
17 G-BWHK R PFA 204A-12908 RANS S6-116 Yes
18 G-BWYR R PFA 204A-13058 RANS S6-116 Yes
19 G-BXCU R PFA 204A-13105 RANS S6-116 Yes
20 G-BXRZ R PFA 204A-13195 RANS S6-116 Yes
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