GINFO Minimum Insurance Requirements

This page contains the minimum insurance requirements for the selected aircraft sourced from the UK register.Data Extracted: 25/11/2015 at 19:45


Insurance details in respect of aircraft G-PROV

EC Regulation 785/2004 on insurance requirements for air carriers and aircraft operators requires that all aircraft (subject to some exclusions) flying within the European Economic Area carry minimum levels of insurance in respect of third parties, passengers, baggage and cargo. In the UK, evidence of insurance is being requested as part of the registration process as one of the methods of ensuring compliance with the new regulation.

The following is an estimate of the minimum insurance requirements based on the information held by the CAA. Please read the notes that follow the estimate.

It is the operators or air carriers responsibility to ensure that the aircraft is insured in accordance with the requirements of EC Regulation 785/2004 at all times.

Serial No.:PAC/W/23905

Estimate of the Minimum Insurance Requirements

Maximum (Declared or Maximum Passengers Carried) : 1
Maximum (Take-Off Mass) : 3788kg
Exchange Rate (SDR to GBP) : 0.912
Exchange Rate (Effective Date) : 25/11/2015
Minimum Cover ((Combined Single Limit) for Non-Commercial Operations) : GBP 6,612,000  SDR 7,250,000
Minimum Cover ((Combined Single Limit) for Commercial Operations (Includes 1000 SDR’s per Declared Passenger for Baggage Liability but does NOT include any estimate of cargo liability, see notes below)) : GBP 6,613,031.47  SDR 7,251,131
Minimum Cover (Risks of War or Terrorism) : GBP 6,384,000  SDR 7,000,000
Insurance Evidence Verified Date: 30/04/2012
Date of "No Flight" Declaration:
Non-Commercial Operations (Is the Aircraft used Exclusively for Non-Commercial Operations) : No
State Aircraft (Is the Aircraft used Exclusively as a State Aircraft) : No

Explanatory Notes

In order to give aircraft owners guidance on the required minimum levels of cover required under the regulation the CAA is providing an estimate of the minimum amounts required against each UK Registered aircraft.

It should be noted that the estimate is based on a calculation which takes into account the following variable items :-
  • The maximum take-off mass of the aircraft – taken from the details held by the CAA from the aircraft’s flight manual or from another CAA derived source.
  • The number of passengers carried - either the number declared by the operator or air carrier (if supplied), or the design maximum number of passengers for the aircraft.
  • The exchange rate from SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights) to Pounds Sterling taken from the IMF website on the date given.
It should be noted that no estimate of the minimum requirements in respect of cargo is given as no centrally held data concerning cargo capacity is held. For aircraft in commercial operations the minimum requirement is 19 SDR’s per kilogram.

It should also be noted that as the estimates given are based on a number of variable items, if any of the items used in the calculation are incorrect then this will affect the amounts quoted.

In particular, as the estimate is based on a fluctuating exchange rate between SDR’s and Pounds Sterling the operator or air carrier must ensure that they have adequate cover at all times.

For the purposes of this calculation if the Maximum take-off mass of the aircraft is less than 500kg it is assumed that the aircraft is used for non-commercial purposes or local flight instruction which does not entail crossing international borders. As such no estimate for the minimum required cover for risks of war or terrorism is given. If the aircraft has been declared as being used for commercial operations then an estimate of the minimum required cover risks of war or terrorism is displayed.