CAA Runway Contamination Assessment Trial (Pilot Questionnaire)

This form may be used to participate in the CAA Runway Contamination Assessment Trial.

All submissions received via the on-line questionnaire form will be automatically acknowledged together with the provision of a unique reference number that should be quoted on any further enquiry.

Guidance for web-based questionnaire form

When you have completed the form, click 'Send Form' at the bottom of this page. If the form has not been completed correctly, incomplete fields will be identified. Once the form has been completed correctly and submitted, a page confirming submission will appear. In addition, if you have supplied a valid email address, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent together with a unique four digit reference number that should be noted by the sender as proof that the questionnaire form has been received by the CAA.

Do you agree to provide your consent for FDR data to be used confidentially (all information will be disidentified) ?
Time (local)*    
1. ATC supplied data    
Temperature (Centigrade)*    
Precipitation: *  

2. Extent of Runway contamination
  Touch Down Mid Point Stop End

Runway Coverage
(Percentage ) :*
Type of Deposit:*

Depth of Deposit
(millimetre) :*
Braking Action
(Estimate passed by ATC) :*
Braking Action
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3. Comparison with Previous Winter
Compared to the previous winter, was the information

4. Trial Participation
Based on your participation in the trial do you believe that inclusion of an estimated runway braking action phrase is an improvement ?

5. Other