Birdstrike Occurrence Form

This form may be used to submit details to the CAA of a Birdstrike Occurrence

To be completed on discovering evidence that a birdstrike has occurred.

To be completed for all confirmed, unconfirmed, or 'near miss' birdstrike occurrences, in accordance with the guidance and information in Chapter 5 of CAP 772.

Guidance for web-based form submission

In order that we may properly consider your submission, the following guidance may be helpful in submitting this form:

Please fully complete your contact details so that we may contact you if necessary

Please complete a new form for each birdstrike occurrence

When you have finished, click "Submit Form" at the bottom of this page. If the form has not been completed correctly incomplete fields will be identified. Once the form has been completed correctly you will be presented with your completed form. You can then either "Change Form Details" or "Send Form". Once a form is sent, a page confirming submission will appear with a link to a printer friendly version of the form. This form will have a unique reference id which should be used in all correspondence with this birdstrike occurrence. In addition, if you have supplied a valid email address, an acknowledgement of receipt containing the printer friendly link will be sent.

Reporter Details  

Birdstrike Details Birdstrike Status : *  
Aircraft Registered :  
Time (local)*                

Note 1: A copy of this Birdstrike Report will be automatically submitted to the CAA Safety Investigation & Data Department, under the auspices of the Occurrence Reporting Scheme (MOR), by virtue of selecting any of these categories;

Part(s) of Aircraft - Where Damaged is selected

Effect on Flight - Where "Returned", "Take-Off Aborted", "Diverted" or "Loss or malfunction of any essential service" selected

Once submitted, this report cannot be withdrawn.

Part(s) of Aircraft Radome :
Windshield :
Nose (if not one of the above) :  
Engine Nos 1 :
                      2 :
                      3 :
                      4 :
Propeller :
Wing/rotor (inc high lift devices) :
Fuselage :
Landing Gear :
Tail :
Lights :
Other :
Birdstrike Details  
Other Reports raised :

Species Type
(where possible, Identify species)*


Note 2: The reporter should ensure, irrespective of this report having been filed, that details of this birdstrike occurrence are notified to the appropriate airline or aerodrome operator, as soon as practicable.