List of Ground Handling Publications

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CAP 382 Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Scheme Current March 2011
CAP 382S Guide to Ground Safety Reporting Current 1 September 2013
CAP 393 Air Navigation: The Order and the Regulations Current 30 April 2015
CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual Current 28 May 2015
CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual
Review Comment: Effective 10 December 2015
Future 6 November 2015
CAP 483 Training in the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air Current August 2007
CAP 642 Airside Safety Management Current 5 September 2006
CAP 790 Requirement for an Airside Driving Permit (ADP) Scheme Current 29 February 2012
CAP1008 Ground Handling - Last Minute Changes (LMC) Guidance Document Current February 2014
CAP1009 Ground Handling - Gross Error Checks - Guidance Document Current February 2014
CAP1010 Self-monitoring checklist: ramp / aircraft loading activities - Guidance document Current February 2014
CAP1046 Appeal to the Civil Aviation Authority under Regulation 20 of the Airports (Groundhandling) Regulations 1997 made by Ryanair Limited against Gatwick Airport Limited - the CAA's decision and draft directions Current May 2013
CAP1046b CAP 1046b (supplemental): Appeal to the Civil Aviation Authority under Regulation 20 of the Airports (Groundhandling) Current 27 August 2013
CAP1159 A strategy for human factors Current 1 April 2014
CAP1184 The transformation to performance-based regulation Current June 2014
CAP1233 Prioritisation Principles for the CAA’s Consumer Protection, Competition Law and Economic Regulation Work Current 12 May 2015
IN-2011/056 Safety In The Balance Current 24 June 2011
IN-2013/179 Critical Part Boundaries Guidance for Aerodromes Current 15 November 2013
IN-2014/039 Ground Handling Operations Safety Team Guidance Documents: CAPs 1008, 1009, 1010 and 382S Current 19 February 2014
IN-2014/077 Aircraft Loading Errors and the Reporting of Related Occurrences Current 11 April 2014
IN-2014/113 European Air Operations Regulation – Status of CAA Flight Operations CAPs Current 14 July 2014
IN-2014/205 Revision to CAA/FAA Lithium Battery Videos Current 23 December 2014
IN-2015/049 Safety Assessment of National Aircraft (SANA) by the UK CAA Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) Team Current 30 June 2015
IN-2015/094 New Aerodrome Weather Warning Service – Notification of Launch Date Current 12 October 2015
ORS4 No.1136 Requirement to hold a Flight Radiotelephony Operator Licence Current 21 October 2015
SN-2012/003 Safety Requirements Applicable to the Carriage of Electric Mobility Aids Current 23 March 2012
SN-2013/006 Dangerous Goods Training Requirements Applicable to Fixed Base Operator Personnel Current 9 April 2013
SN-2013/013 Loading Vehicles onto Aeroplanes Current 22 July 2013
SN-2015/001 Carriage of Assistance Dogs in the Aircraft Cabin Current 20 May 2015