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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
IN-2011/004 Revised CAA Guidance on Sky Lantern Releases Current 1 February 2011
IN-2011/056 Safety In The Balance Current 24 June 2011
IN-2011/088 Review of Safety Information by Owners of non-EASA aircraft (commonly referred to as Annex 2) Current 17 August 2011
IN-2011/100 Exemptions and Permissions for Helicopter AOC Holders Current 21 September 2011
IN-2011/113 Flight and Cabin Crew Rostering Current 18 October 2011
IN-2012/003 Variation of Permit to Fly to Remove Prohibition on Flight Over Congested Areas Current 10 January 2012
IN-2012/007 CAA Master Minimum Equipment List Policy Items Current 12 January 2012
IN-2012/008 Airborne Collision Avoidance System II (ACAS II) Guidance for Pilots on the Use of Training Devices Current 12 January 2012
IN-2012/027 Transfer of Training to another Approved Training Organisation during a training course Current 17 February 2012
IN-2012/028 JAA Class 2 Medical Certificates Issued to Applicants Under 40 Current 22 February 2012
IN-2012/037 Implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Approved Training Organisations Current 29 February 2012
IN-2012/040 Approved Flying and Type Rating Training Organisations - Requirements for Pilots' Aircraft Checklists and related content in Theoretical Knowledge Courses and Examinations Current 29 February 2012
IN-2012/044 Changes to Flight Planning Procedures Current 6 March 2012
IN-2012/051 Notification of Changes in Type Support Provided by de Havilland Support Ltd Current 16 March 2012
IN-2012/063 EASA Medical Certification for Pilots Current 2 April 2012
IN-2012/096 EU/US and EU/Canada Bilateral Safety Agreement Certificate of Airworthiness for Export Applications Current 14 June 2012
IN-2012/111 Information for the Pilot Training Industry: Implementation of European Aircrew Requirements - Acceptance of Applications for the Approval and Registration of Training Organisations Current 9 July 2012
IN-2012/118 CAP 553, British Civil Airworthiness Requirements, Transition Arrangements Following Implementation of BCAR Section A, Issue 7 Current 18 July 2012
IN-2012/141 Additional documentation requirements for Part-66 basic licence applications when experience is gained outside a Part-145 or Part-M approved maintenance organisation Current 10 September 2012
IN-2013/003 Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS) Communications - Standard Emergency Hand Signals to Flight and Cabin Crews Current 9 January 2013
IN-2013/008 Senior Examiners for Multi-Pilot Aeroplanes and Single Pilot High Performance Complex Aeroplanes Current 18 January 2013
IN-2013/009 TRE and SFE Licence Status Current 18 January 2013
IN-2013/014 Aircraft Washing and Rinsing Current 19 May 2014
IN-2013/015 Change of Privilege for BCAR Chapter A8-15 (M3) and A8-20 (M5) Approved Organisations and Introduction of Online Services Current 19 May 2014
IN-2013/017 Application for a TRE(A)/SFE(A) to acquire the privilege to conduct Instructor Assessments of Competence Current 30 January 2013
IN-2013/018 Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012 of 16 November 2012 laying down the requirements for voice channel spacing for the Single European Sky Current 29 January 2013
IN-2013/019 Application for a TRE(H)/SFE(H) to acquire the privilege to conduct Instructor Assessments of Competence Current 30 January 2013
IN-2013/025 National Permit To Fly: Withdrawal of Revalidation Surveys carried out by the CAA outside the United Kingdom Current 19 May 2014
IN-2013/026 Validations under Part-FCL and Observed Flight Tests Current 18 February 2013
IN-2013/029 Addition of a Type to an Examiner Certificate for SFE(A)s and TRE(A)s Current 28 February 2013
IN-2013/075 RNAV (GNSS) (Area Navigation (Global Navigation Satellite System)) Approach Operations Current 15 April 2014
IN-2013/087 Future Flight Operations Other than for the Purpose of Commercial Air Transport Current 7 June 2013
IN-2013/099 Requirements for Part-145 Maintenance Organisations to conduct practical training Current 15 July 2013
IN-2013/100 Requirement for certificates of recognition for theoretical knowledge and practical training for the issue of type ratings for Part-66 licences Current 15 July 2013
IN-2013/101 Validity period for Part-147 type training Certificates of Recognition Current 9 July 2013
IN-2013/102 Regulation 1149/2011 changes to Part-66 syllabus and examination requirements Current 15 July 2013
IN-2013/138 The Cessna Aircraft Company Supplemental Inspection Documents (SIDs) – 100/200 Series Aircraft Current 28 August 2015
IN-2013/140 Airspace Infringement - Introduction of Post Infringement Questionnaire Current 6 September 2013
IN-2013/143 Future Flight Operations Other than for the Purpose of Commercial Air Transport Current 6 September 2013
IN-2013/148 Compliance with the Surveillance Performance and Interoperability Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011 (SPI IR) Current 25 September 2013
IN-2013/155 Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals (REACH) Current 1 October 2013
IN-2013/158 Withdrawal of CAA Master Minimum Equipment Lists (MMELs) and CAA MMEL Supplements Current 9 October 2013
IN-2013/172 The conversion of Registered Training Facilities to Approved Training Organisations Current 4 November 2013
IN-2013/175 Mode S Interrogator Code Allocation Process and Timescales Current 1 November 2013
IN-2013/179 Critical Part Boundaries Guidance for Aerodromes Current 15 November 2013
IN-2013/185 Sports Parachuting Aircraft - Operators and Pilots Current 25 November 2013
IN-2013/189 New National Organisation Approval Supporting Recreational Aviation (A8-26) Current 29 November 2013
IN-2013/190 Organisation Transition Arrangements following the Publication of CAP 553 BCAR Section A at Issue 8 Current 29 November 2013
IN-2013/191 Guidance for Owners of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) with an EASA Permit to Fly Current 29 November 2013
IN-2013/192 Simplified Approval Process for Handheld VHF Radios Current 29 November 2013
IN-2013/198 Go-Around Training for Aeroplanes Current 19 December 2013
IN-2013/205 Practical Training and On the Job Training for Part-66 type rating issue as required by Part-66 Appendix III Current 20 December 2013
IN-2014/017 Guidance on Designing Standard Instrument Departures Direct to Flight Levels Current 24 January 2014
IN-2014/022 Use of Portable Electronic Devices During Commercial Air Transport Aircraft Operation Current 30 January 2014
IN-2014/025 Amended Licensing Requirements for Air Traffic Controllers and Student Air Traffic Controllers Current 31 January 2014
IN-2014/029 Amended Administration Processes For Student ATCO and ATCO Licence Holders Associated With The Implementation of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 805/2011 Current 31 January 2014
IN-2014/033 Transition Altitude Update Current 19 May 2014
IN-2014/039 Ground Handling Operations Safety Team Guidance Documents: CAPs 1008, 1009, 1010 and 382S Current 19 February 2014
IN-2014/046 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) - EASA Launch of SERA Part C Notice of Proposed Amendment Current 28 February 2014
IN-2014/051 Avoidance of Incidents Related to Controlled Flight Into Terrain When Under Air Traffic Control Radar Control Current 12 March 2014
IN-2014/052 Eligibility of Pilots to Conduct Check Flights Current 20 March 2014
IN-2014/055 Submission of Unit Documentation By Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) Current 27 March 2014
IN-2014/068 The Conversion of Registered Training Facilities (RTF) to Approved Training Organisations (ATO) - Additional Information Current 4 April 2014
IN-2014/077 Aircraft Loading Errors and the Reporting of Related Occurrences Current 11 April 2014
IN-2014/078 Implementation of Part-MED Subpart C - Cabin Crew Medical Assessment Current 11 April 2014
IN-2014/087 Commercial Air Transport 'A to A', Balloon, Sailplane and Specialised Operations Current 19 May 2014
IN-2014/089 EASA Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) Rulemaking Task Force (RMT.0589) Current 23 May 2014
IN-2014/101 Deregulation of Single Seat Microlight Aeroplanes Current 13 June 2014
IN-2014/103 Recognition of JAR-FCL Pilot Licences by the UK Current 18 June 2014
IN-2014/105 Publication of Regulatory Material for the Mode S Code Allocation IR (EU) No. 262/2009 Current 20 June 2014
IN-2014/109 Amendment to the Procedures for Examiners to Sign Licences to Renew Privileges Current 30 June 2014
IN-2014/110 Designation of UK Examiners for Skill Tests for Initial Issue of Licences, Ratings and Certificates Current 7 July 2014
IN-2014/112 Regulation of Code-Share Agreements Current 14 July 2014
IN-2014/113 European Air Operations Regulation – Status of CAA Flight Operations CAPs Current 14 July 2014
IN-2014/115 Small Unmanned Aircraft: Special Operations - Future Requirement for a Safety Case Assessment Current 17 July 2014
IN-2014/116 Airspace Infringement Reporting Standards Current 18 July 2014
IN-2014/118 Revised Guidance on Dealing with Dangerous Goods Incidents in the Cabin Current 21 July 2014
IN-2014/123 CAAi Technical Evaluation of Flight Simulation Training Devices Course Current 22 July 2014
IN-2014/129 Introduction of the Part-FCL Competency-Based Instrument Rating in the United Kingdom Current 1 August 2014
IN-2014/132 CAAi Cabin Safety Inspector Theory Course Current 5 August 2014
IN-2014/139 Pilot Licences for Flying Single-Seat Powered Sailplanes that are within the Microlight Mass Limit Current 19 August 2014
IN-2014/142 Changes to EASA 'Grandfathered' Equipment, Parts, Appliances: Revised Regulatory Status Current 26 August 2014
IN-2014/143 The Provision of and Access to Pilot Controlled Lighting (PCL) at Licensed Aerodromes Current 28 August 2014
IN-2014/144 Changes to the CAA Written Licence Exams for Professional Pilots and AC Maintenance Engineers
Review Comment: The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer information in this IN is superseded by IN-2014/160.
Current 2 September 2014
IN-2014/147 New EASA Part-FCL PPL (Aeroplane) and (Helicopter) Theoretical Knowledge Examinations: 120 Questions Current 5 September 2014
IN-2014/157 CAAi AOC Accountable Manager Course Current 23 October 2014
IN-2014/160 Changes to the CAA Theoretical Knowledge Examinations for Aircraft Maintenance Licences Current 6 October 2014
IN-2014/161 Aeromedical Advisory Service for Medical Certificate Holders and Applicants Current 6 October 2014
IN-2014/164 CAAi Understanding and Preparing for DAOS Surveillance Course Current 9 October 2014
IN-2014/165 CAAi EASA Part 147 Maintenance Training Course Current 9 October 2014
IN-2014/166 CAAi Contract and Purchase Order Requirments Under EASA Part 21 Part 145 and M Approvals Course Current 9 October 2014
IN-2014/167 CAAi Just Culture in Aviation Safety Course Current 9 October 2014
IN-2014/169 Introduction of the Part-FCL En-Route Instrument Rating in the United Kingdom Current 10 October 2014
IN-2014/171 The Further Deferment, until 8 April 2016, of the Requirement to for Third Country Licence Holders to obtain a Part-FCL Licence (or a European Validation of a Third Country Licence) for Aircraft Engaged in Non-commercial Flights Current 20 October 2014
IN-2014/174 Altitude Cold Temperature Corrections Current 21 October 2014
IN-2014/175 CAAi Audit Techniques Training Course Current 23 October 2014
IN-2014/176 Revised Operations Manual Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) Form SRG 1832 Current 27 October 2014
IN-2014/177 Passenger and Crew Upper Torso Restraints and Harnesses - Exemption from CAT.IDE.A.205 Current 27 October 2014
IN-2014/178 UK CAA Alternative Means of Compliance CRM Training Current 27 October 2014
IN-2014/182 Guidance For Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 805/2011 ATCO - Reduced Medical Fitness Current 7 November 2014
IN-2014/183 Replacement of Class F Airspace - Class E Airspace Phraseology and Traffic Information Current 7 November 2014
IN-2014/184 Small Unmanned Aircraft: Congested Areas Operating Safety Case (CAOSC) Current 12 November 2014
IN-2014/185 CAAi EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval Training Course at Malaysia Aviation Academy Malaysia Current 17 November 2014
IN-2014/186 CAAi EASA Part M and SEARIF Part M Continuing Airworthiness Training Course at Malaysia Aviation Academy Malaysia Current 17 November 2014
IN-2014/190 Small Unmanned Aircraft Operations Within London and Other Towns and Cities Current 21 November 2014
IN-2014/191 Rescue and Fire Fighting Service Task and Resource Analysis Current 1 December 2014
IN-2014/192 Change of CAA Policy for Engine Shutdown and Restart on MEP and CPL(A) Skill Tests Current 2 December 2014
IN-2014/199 NATS VOR Replacement Programme Current 11 December 2014
IN-2014/201 Dangerous Goods: Operations Manual Requirements Current 16 December 2014
IN-2014/205 Revision to CAA/FAA Lithium Battery Videos Current 23 December 2014
IN-2015/002 Clarification of the Validity of Part-66 Modules Passes Current 15 January 2015
IN-2015/007 Single European Sky CAA Information Bulletin Current 5 February 2015
IN-2015/008 SUA: UK National Qualified Entity Approvals and Pilot Competency Requirements Current 6 March 2015
IN-2015/009 The Future of the Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating (IMC Rating) as the Instrument Rating (Restricted) (IR(R)) Current 11 February 2015
IN-2015/011 Changes to Taxiway Minimum Separation Distances Current 16 February 2015
IN-2015/012 Drugs and Alcohol Policies for Air Operator Certificate Holders and Air Navigation Service Providers Current 20 February 2015
IN-2015/017 Changes to CAA Aerodrome and ANSP Audit Format Current 6 March 2015
IN-2015/018 Notice of Deferment of New and Current Applications for UK Flight Radiotelephony Examiner’s Certificate Current 11 March 2015
IN-2015/020 Application for ICAO Location Indicators, 3-Letter Designators, Telephony Designators Current 19 March 2015
IN-2015/028 Need for non-EASA Pilots to Validate Licences for Private Flights in UK Registered Aircraft Deferred Current 7 April 2015
IN-2015/029 Cost-Sharing, Sailplane Towing, Parachute Dropping, Flying Competitions and Introductory Flights by Private Pilots Current 10 April 2015
IN-2015/030 Notification of a Change to an Accountable Manager or Nominated Post Holder within a CAA Approved Organisation Current 14 April 2015
IN-2015/034 The Authorisation of Instructors to Sign the Revalidation of Single Engine Piston and Touring Motor Glider Class Ratings Current 17 April 2015
IN-2015/037 Airspace Change Process Regulatory Support Current 8 May 2015
IN-2015/038 Wind Turbine Wake Encounter Study Current 25 September 2015
IN-2015/039 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments – 18 March to 11 May 2015 Current 11 May 2015
IN-2015/040 Regional Office Mail Deliveries
Review Comment: Superseded by IN-2015/046
Current 29 May 2015
IN-2015/041 Non-commercial Flight Operations using Complex Motor-powered Aircraft – EASA Part-NCC Current 3 June 2015
IN-2015/043 NATS VOR Replacement Programme Current 8 June 2015
IN-2015/046 Regional Office Mail Deliveries Current 15 June 2015
IN-2015/047 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments – 12 May to 17 June 2015 Current 17 June 2015
IN-2015/049 Safety Assessment of National Aircraft (SANA) by the UK CAA Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) Team Current 30 June 2015
IN-2015/050 Procedures for Examiners Holding Part-FCL Certificates Issued by Countries Other than the UK Current 30 June 2015
IN-2015/051 European ATM CAA Information Bulletin Current 3 July 2015
IN-2015/052 New CAA Publication - Aeronautical Information Management (CAP 1054) Current 8 July 2015
IN-2015/053 Changes to the Requirements for the Training of Aerodrome RFFS Personnel Current 13 July 2015
IN-2015/054 CAAi Safety Management Systems Overview for Managers Course Current 15 July 2015
IN-2015/055 CAAi Basic Introduction to Safety Management Systems Course Current 23 July 2015
IN-2015/056 CAAi Advanced Safety Management Evaluating for Effectiveness Course Current 22 July 2015
IN-2015/057 CAAi Accountable Manager Aerodromes Course Current 24 July 2015
IN-2015/058 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments – 18 June to 24 July 2015 Current 27 July 2015
IN-2015/059 Reduced Lateral Separation Trials in the North Atlantic Using Half Degree Tracks Requiring RNP 4 Approval Current 27 July 2015
IN-2015/062 European Regulation (EU) No. 2015/340 on ATCO Licensing and Training Current 5 August 2015
IN-2015/063 Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) at Aerodromes Current 10 August 2015
IN-2015/064 Type Rating Instructor (Aeroplane) (TRI(A)) and Synthetic Flight Instructor (Aeroplane) (SFI(A)) Revalidation and Renewa Current 10 August 2015
IN-2015/066 CAAi Airthworthiness Course Current 12 August 2015
IN-2015/067 GSA Call for Grants to Promote EGNOS SBAS APV Instrument Approach Procedures Current 12 August 2015
IN-2015/069 CAAi Audit Techniques Training Course Current 13 August 2015
IN-2015/070 CAAi AOC Accountable Manager Course at Manchester Current 13 August 2015
IN-2015/071 CAAi Flight Operations Inspector Theory Course Current 30 September 2015
IN-2015/072 CAAi Flight Simulation Training Device Qualifications and Operation Course Current 14 August 2015
IN-2015/073 CAAi Risk Monitoring and Safety Performance Course Current 14 August 2015
IN-2015/074 CAAi Advanced Fatigue Risk Management Systems FRMS Course Current 14 August 2015
IN-2015/075 CAAi Aviation Enterprise Risk Management Course Current 14 August 2015
IN-2015/076 CAAi Aviation Business Risk and Resilience Management Course Current 14 August 2015
IN-2015/077 Highlands Restricted Area (EG R610 A/B/C/D) – Procedures for Activation and Notification Current 27 August 2015
IN-2015/078 Information to ANSPs regarding European Regulation (EU) No. 2015/340 on ATCO Licensing and Training Current 27 August 2015
IN-2015/079 Part-FCL Senior Examiner Seminars (Single-Pilot Aeroplanes) Current 28 August 2015
IN-2015/080 NATS VOR Replacement Programme Current 2 September 2015
IN-2015/081 Part-FCL Senior Examiner Seminars (Multi Pilot and Single Pilot High Performance Complex Aeroplanes) Current 4 September 2015
IN-2015/082 Minimum Fuel Calls Current 8 September 2015
IN-2015/083 ACAS II Version 7.1 Training, Testing and/or Checking Current 8 September 2015
IN-2015/084 Licence Requirements for Part-66 Renewals, Additional Categories, Aircraft Ratings and Removal of Limitations Current 10 September 2015
IN-2015/085 Reporting of Unnotified Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Activity Current 10 September 2015
IN-2015/086 Suspension or Revocation of a Cabin Crew Attestation Current 15 September 2015
IN-2015/089 Information to ANSPs Regarding European Regulation (EU) No. 2015/340 on ATCO Licensing and Training Current 21 September 2015
IN-2015/091 CAAi Audit Techniques Training course Current 30 September 2015
IN-2015/092 Requirement for the ‘Base Training’ Portion of an Approved Type Rating course (Aeroplanes) to be Conducted by an ATO Current 5 October 2015
IN-2015/093 Continuing Airworthiness Management and Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificates Current 12 October 2015
IN-2015/094 New Aerodrome Weather Warning Service – Notification of Launch Date Current 12 October 2015
IN-2015/095 ACAS II Version 7.1 Applicability Current 20 October 2015
IN-2015/096 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) - Current UK Permissions and Exemptions and Launch of EASA Consultation on SERA Part C Acceptable Means of Compliance Current 20 October 2015
IN-2015/097 Aerodrome Emergency Planning – Emergency Exercises Current 23 October 2015
IN-2015/098 Extension of CAA Equipment Approval LA301075 for Handheld 8.33 kHz Channel Spaced VHF Radios – for use by Operators of EASA Balloons, Dirigibles/Non-rigid Airships and Gliders Current 23 October 2015
IN-2015/099 European Regulation (EU) No. 2015/340 on ATCO Licensing and Training Current 5 November 2015
IN-2015/100 CAP 797 Flight Information Service Officer Manual Current 6 November 2015
IN-2015/101 CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual Current 6 November 2015
IN-2015/102 NOTAM Policy Procedural Changes Current 6 November 2015
IN-2015/103 Requirement for Use of CAA-designated Examiners to Extend LAPL(H) Privileges Current 9 November 2015
IN-2015/104 Consultation for a Harmonised UK Transition Altitude (TA) Current 11 November 2015
IN-2015/105 CAAi Basic Fatigue Risk Manangement Systems FRMS Course Current 13 November 2015
IN-2015/106 CAAi Basic Introduction to Safety Management Systems Course Current 13 November 2015
IN-2015/107 Publication of Regulation (EU) No. 376/2014 on the Reporting, Analysis and Follow-up of Occurrences in Civil Aviation (Updated) Current 16 November 2015
IN-2015/108 CAAi Non Destructive Testing Audit Oversight Course Current 16 November 2016
IN-2015/109 CAAi Risk Monitoring and Safety Performance Course Current 1 December 2016
IN-2015/110 Passengers Carried On The Flight Deck Sometimes Called ‘Pilots’ Assistants’ Current 23 November 2015
IN-2015/111 CAAi Regulatory risks for the Subcontractor or Supply Chain to a Production Organisation Approval holder Course Current 27 November 2015