List of Safety Notices Publications

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
SN-2011/002 Safe Use of Airstairs Current 5 April 2011
SN-2011/003 Aerodrome Operating Minima Current 6 May 2011
SN-2011/005 Passenger Hand Baggage Current 17 June 2011
SN-2011/007 Mode S Transponder Operation Current 23 June 2011
SN-2011/011 Prevention of the Loss of Recordings from Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders Current 17 August 2011
SN-2011/012 Reaction to Alerts Provided By Traffic Collision Alerting Systems (TCAS) and Other Collision Warning Systems Current 8 September 2011
SN-2011/014 Aircraft Cabin Door/Exit Representative Training Devices Current 3 October 2011
SN-2011/015 Stowage of Catering Equipment on Aeroplanes Current 3 October 2011
SN-2011/017 Use of Helicopter Automatic Flight Control Systems Current 31 October 2011
SN-2011/018 Balloon Operations - Safety Matters Current 30 November 2011
SN-2012/003 Safety Requirements Applicable to the Carriage of Electric Mobility Aids Current 23 March 2012
SN-2012/005 Laser Attacks Current 13 April 2012
SN-2012/015 Meru TravelChair – Restraint Device for Disabled Children Current 8 November 2012
SN-2013/002 Aircraft Tie-Down Removal Current 24 January 2013
SN-2013/003 Flight Crew Distraction Current 25 January 2013
SN-2013/005 Flights Within or Near Syrian Airspace Current 3 April 2013
SN-2013/006 Dangerous Goods Training Requirements Applicable to Fixed Base Operator Personnel Current 9 April 2013
SN-2013/007 Use of Valid Navigation Databases Current 9 April 2013
SN-2013/008 Minimising the use of Memory Buffers in Recording Hardware to reduce the possibility of Data Loss Current 17 April 2013
SN-2013/011 Policy change to CAA requirements for check flights Current 19 May 2014
SN-2013/012 Small Unmanned Aircraft - Security of Antenna Mounts Current 16 July 2013
SN-2013/013 Loading Vehicles onto Aeroplanes Current 22 July 2013
SN-2013/017 Notification of CAA Policy Regarding Downlink and Display of Airborne Collision Avoidance System Resolution Advisory Data Current 23 August 2013
SN-2013/018 Wake Turbulence Encounters Between Heavy Category Aircraft On Departure Current 29 May 2014
SN-2014/001 Carriage of Deportees, Inadmissible Passengers and Persons in Custody Current 28 January 2014
SN-2014/002 Unstable Approaches – ATC Involvement Current 31 January 2014
SN-2014/003 Stall Recovery Technique Current 3 March 2014
SN-2014/004 Level Busts: Hazards and Defences Current 12 March 2014
SN-2014/005 Implications Of Reduced Radar And Procedural Air Traffic Control Provision On Aircraft Operations In Class G Airspace Current 1 May 2014
SN-2014/006 Private and Aerial Work - Helicopters – Aerodrome Operating Minima For IFR Departures Current 23 May 2014
SN-2014/007 Establishment of a Temporary Radio Mandatory Zone – London Southend Airport
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Current 4 July 2014
SN-2014/008 Helicopter Operations Flight Planning and Safe Flight Execution Current 20 November 2014
SN-2014/009 Department for Transport Security Advice to Air Operators Current 2 December 2014
SN-2014/010 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) – UK Implementation Update Current 5 December 2014
SN-2015/001 Carriage of Assistance Dogs in the Aircraft Cabin Current 20 May 2015
SN-2015/002 Requirement For Post-Flight Engine Checks Schweizer 269C-1 Helicopters Current 31 July 2015
SN-2015/003 Restricting the Operation of Vintage Jet Aircraft at Flying Displays Current 25 August 2015
SN-2015/005 Fuel Shutoff Valve – Mandatory Actions on Boeing Aircraft Current 22 October 2015
SN-2015/006 Management of Cabin Baggage in the Event of an Aircraft Evacuation Current 23 October 2015