List of Safety Critical Information Publications

This category includes Emergency Airworthiness Directives and Mandatory Permit Directives. UK EADs can also be found in CAP 747. Non-UK CAA Emergency ADs (EADs) will be available for download from the CAA website for a period of two months from the publication date and then they will be removed. They will still be available from the originating National Aviation Authority.

Publication Categories and Series
Reference Title
Emergency ADs Emergency Airworthiness Directives
Forms Occurrence Reporting Forms
MPDs Mandatory Permit Directives
SCI - SDs Safety Directives
UK Airworthiness Directives UK Airworthiness Directives

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
AIRCOM 2009/14 Notification of changes to the CAA distribution of Mandatory Permit Directives (MPDs) Current 16 October 2009
AIRCOM 2009/19 CAA Monthly Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR) Listing Current 22 December 2009
EASA AD 2013-0289-E Eurocopter Deutschland EC 135 and EC 635 helicopters: Fuselage – Rear Structure / Ring Frame – Inspection Current 6 December 2013
EASA AD 2014-0029-E PZL SW-4 helicopters: Rotor Flight Controls – Collective Control Lever Electrical Harness Attachment – Modification Current 30 January 2014
EASA AD 2014-0040 E AB412 and AB412 EP helicopters : Tail rotor Drive - Flanged Adapter - Inspection / Replacement Current 19 February 2014
EASA AD2014-0085 E PLZ SW-4 helicopters : Tail Rotor - Push-Pull Rod Spherical Bearings - Inspection / Replacement Current 11 April 2014
EASA AD2014-0097 E Airbus A300-600 and A310 Aeroplanes : Fuselage - Aft Cargo Door Sill Beam Area - Inspection Current 23 April 2014
EASA EAD 2013_0282-E AGUSTAWESTLAND S.p.A. : AB 212, AB 412 and AB 412EP helicopters : Rotor Drive(s) – Lubricating System / Oil Outlet Hose – Inspection Current 27 November 2013
EASA EAD 2013-0273-E Hoffmann HO-V352F Propellers: Propellers – Locknuts – Identification / Replacement Current 15 November 2013
EASA EAD 2013-0284-E Eurocopter AS 350 helicopters: Rotor Drive – Hydraulic Pump – Inspection / Replacement: Supersedes and Replaces EASA AD 2013-0044-E Current 2 December 2013
EASA EAD 2013-0300-E AugustaWestland AB 412 and AB 412EP helicopters: Main Rotor Drive – Engine-to-Transmission Drive Shaft Line – Inspection / Replacement Current 16 December 2013
EASA EAD 2013-0307-E Eurocopter Deutschland EC 135 and EC 635 helicopters: Fuel - Fuel Monitoring and Fuel Quantity Indication - Flight Manual Revision Current 20 December 2013
EASA EAD 2014-0030-E SD3-60 aeroplanes: Landing Gear – Main Landing Gear Wheel Lever Unit – Replacement Current 31 January 2014
EASA EAD 2014-0046-E MBB-BK 117 C-2 helicopters: Optional Equipment – External Rescue Hoist System – Deactivation Current 27 February 2014
EASA EAD 2014-0063-E AgustaWestland AB 412 helicopters: Equipment / Furnishings – Utility Hydraulic System / Pressure Line Pump and Filter – Inspection / Replacement Current 12 March 2014
EASA EAD 2014-0073-E AgustaWestland AB139 and AW139 helicopters: Main Rotor – Rotating Controls – Lower Half Scissor Spherical Bearing – Inspection / Replacement Current 20 March 2014
EASA EAD 2014-0076-E Airbus AS 350 and AS 355 helicopters: Fuselage – Rear Structure Junction Frame Reinforcement Angles – Inspection Current 25 March 2014
Emergency MPD 2011-001-E Magni M24C gyroplanes: Flight Controls - Rudder Pedal Mounting Block – Replacement Current 4 March 2011
Emergency MPD 2011-002-E Dyn'Aero MCR-01, MCR-01 Club and MCR-01 ULC: Aluminium Fittings - Inspection Current 19 April 2011
Emergency MPD 2011-003-E Rotax 912 and 914 engines: Replacement of Flywheel Hub Washer Part No. 944072 Current 10 May 2011
Emergency MPD 2011-004-E Thruster T600: Propeller flange to crankshaft attachment screw replacement Current 20 May 2011
Emergency MPD 2011-006-E Rotorsport UK MT-03, MTOSport and Calidus gyroplanes: Rotor Blade – Life Limit: Supersedes MPD 2010-008 R1 Current 12 July 2011
Emergency MPD 2011-009-E R1 Rotax 912 and 914 Series engines: Crankshaft Inspection Current 18 January 2012
Emergency MPD 2012-001-E Rotax 912 and 914 Series engines: Engine - Oil pump and attachment bolts -Inspection Current 20 February 2012
Emergency MPD 2012-002-E Rotax 912UL and 912ULS Series engines: Fuel Pump - Pressure side fuel hose replacement Current 6 June 2012
Emergency MPD 2012-004-E Yeoman Light Aircraft Company Limited : Dynamic WT9-UK : Fuel Cock Lever Inspection / Repair Current 24 October 2012
Emergency MPD 2012-005-E P&M Aviation Ltd : Pegasus Quik, Quik GT 450, QuikR and Quik GTR : Sail Reinforcement Degradation - Additional Test Current 21 November 2012
Emergency MPD 2013-002-E North American Aviation : Inspection of Flight Control System Current 30 April 2013
Emergency MPD 2013-005-E: Martin Baker Ejection Seats: Inspection of Ejection Seat Drogue Shackle Connection: Supersedes 2011-008-E Current 26 November 2013
Emergency MPD 2014-001-E SkyRanger, SkyRanger Swift and SkyRanger Nynja: Inspection for Material Type – Control Cable Shackles and Elevator Joiner Current 17 January 2014
Emergency MPD-2013-003-E Correction Rotax 912UL, 912ULS and 914UL series engines: Cylinder Head Inspection/Replacement Current 30 July 2013
Factor F01/2010 Accident to Aerospatiale/Westland SA 341G Gazelle, YU-HEW, at Harrogate, North Yorkshire on 26 January 2008 Current 13 January 2010
MPD 2002-009 R3 Yakovlev Yak-50: Airframe Life Limitation Current 18 March 2014
MPD 2011-005 R1 P&M Aviation: Pegasus Quik, Quik GT 450, QuikR; Sail Reinforcement Degradation – Additional Test Current 10 June 2011
MPD 2011-007 Rotorsport UK MT-03, MTOSport and Calidus gyroplanes: Rotor Head Assembly Main Bearing Bolt – Replacement Current 25 November 2011
MPD 2011-010 Nanchang CJ-6A: Tailplane Forward Spar - Inspection Current 16 December 2011
MPD 2012-003 CT2K and CTSW Aircraft : Fuel System - Engine Fuel Feed Current 4 October 2012
MPD 2013-004 Harvard All Variants: Wing Spar Corrosion Inspection Current 9 September 2013
MPD 2014-002 Aerotechnik EV-97, EV-97A, EV-97 Eurostar SL and EV-97 teamEurostar UK: Wing / Fuselage Fairings – Inspection for Rivet Damage Current 30 January 2014
SD-2012/004 Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Operations at Night in Accordance with a HEMS Approval Current 29 October 2012
UK EAD G-2014-0001-E DH82 aeroplanes: Fuselage Main Structures – Lower Fuselage Tie-Rods Current 21 March 2014