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Publication Categories and Series
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Safeguarding of Aerodromes
Forms Aerodrome Standards Forms
GA MORs General Aviation Occurrence Reports
NOTAL Notices to Aerodrome Licence Holders

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
Birdstrikes Poster Telling us it was a 'Big Bird' isn't enough Current 4 May 2010
CAA Paper 2006/01 A Database to Record Human Experience of Evacuation in Aviation Accidents Current June 2008
CAA Paper 2007/06 RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approach – Flight Trials Analysis Report Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2008/01 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Status Light System Current July 2008
CAA Paper 2008/02 Offshore Helideck Environmental Research Current May 2009
CAA Paper 2009/01 Cabin Crew Fire Training Current 23 April 2009
CAA Paper 2011/03 CAA 'Significant Seven' Task Force Reports Current March 2011
CAA Paper 2012/03 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Lighting System Current 9 July 2012
CAA Paper 2013/03 Reliability of Damage Detection in Advanced Composite Aircraft Structures Current January 2013
CAP 032 UK Aeronautical Information Publication Current
CAP 168 Licensing of Aerodromes
Review Comment: This is a complete re-issue due to the format and changes to the numbering convention.
Current 7 March 2014
CAP 232 Aerodrome Survey Information Current 4 February 2008
CAP 382 Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Scheme Current March 2011
CAP 393 Air Navigation: The Order and the Regulations Current 30 April 2015
CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual Current 28 May 2015
CAP 413 Radiotelephony Supplement 2 A Reference Guide to UK Radiotelephony Phraseology for Aerodrome Drivers Current October 2008
CAP 437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas Current February 2013
CAP 637 Visual Aids Handbook Current May 2007
CAP 642 Airside Safety Management Current 5 September 2006
CAP 660 Parachuting Current July 2008
CAP 683 The Assessment of Runway Surface Friction Characteristics Current October 2010
CAP 694 The UK Flight Planning Guide Current January 2013
CAP 699 Standards for the competence of Rescue and Firefighting Service (RFFS) Personnel employed at United Kingdom licensed aerodromes. Current May 2008
CAP 700 Operational Safety Competences - A UK Code of Practice - Civil Aviation Authority and Airport Operators' Association Current 3 May 2002
CAP 722 Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace - Guidance Current 24 March 2015
CAP 724 Airspace Charter Current 30 August 2012
CAP 736 Operation of Directed Light, Fireworks, Toy Balloons and Sky Lanterns within UK Airspace Current February 2011
CAP 738 Safeguarding of Aerodromes Current December 2006
CAP 746 Requirements for Meteorological Observations at Aerodromes
Review Comment: This updated version of CAP 746 incorporates EU legislation and changes to ICAO policy.
Current 21 May 2014
CAP 748 Aircraft Fuelling and Fuel Installation Management Current 30 July 2004
CAP 760 Guidance on the Conduct of Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and the Production of Safety Cases: For Aerodrome Operators and Air Traffic Service Providers Current 10 December 2010
CAP 764 Policy and Guidelines on Wind Turbines Current June 2013
CAP 772 Wildlife Hazard Management at Aerodromes Current 18 December 2014
CAP 773 Flying RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approaches in Private and General Aviation Aircraft Current 23 December 2014
CAP 777 ATC Surveillance Minimum Altitude Charts in UK Airspace Policy and Design Criteria Current July 2013
CAP 778 Policy and Guidance for the Design and Operation of Departure Procedures in UK Airspace Current 1 November 2012
CAP 781 Runway Rehabilitation Current 20 June 2008
CAP 785 Approval Requirements for Instrument Flight Procedures for use in UK Airspace Current 22 March 2010
CAP 790 Requirement for an Airside Driving Permit (ADP) Scheme Current 29 February 2012
CAP 791 Procedures for Changes to Aerodrome Infrastructure Current 30 June 2010
CAP 793 Safe Operating Practices at Unlicensed Aerodromes Current 1 July 2010
CAP 795 Safety Management Systems - Guidance to Organisations Current 2 February 2015
CAP 797 Flight Information Service Officer Manual Current 16 April 2015
CAP1004 CAP 1004 - SES Market Conditions for Terminal Air Navigation Services in the UK Current February 2013
CAP1005 The Airport Charges Regulations 2011 CAA Annual Report Current March 2013
CAP1018 Guidance on Consumer Enforcement Current 12 May 2015
CAP1032 Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer Licensing Current 14 May 2013
CAP1036 Global Fatal Accident Review 2002 to 2011 Current June 2013
CAP1048 Guidance for applicant: Conduct of reviews of decisions or proposals made by the CAA Safety and Airspace Regulation Group Current July 2014
CAP1054 Aeronautical Information Management Current 8 July 2015
CAP1059 Safety Management Systems: Guidance for small, non complex organisations Current June 2013
CAP1069 Preventing Runway Incursions at Small Aerodromes Current July 2013
CAP1074 Safety and Airspace Regulation Enforcement Guidance
Review Comment: Safety and Airspace Regulation Enforcement Guidance
Current May 2015
CAP1076 In Focus Global risk picture Current June 2013
CAP1077 Specification for an Offshore Helideck Lighting System Current September 2013
CAP1117 CAP 1117 Heathrow Airport Operational Freedoms Trial: The Civil Aviation Authority’s supplementary views on Heathrow Airport’s end-of-trial report Current 18 October 2013
CAP1132 Approach to terminal air navigation services regulation in RP2 - a consultation Current December 2013
CAP1142 Developing the UK-Ireland Performance Plan for Reference: December 2013 update Current December 2013
CAP1143 The Civil Aviation Authority’s policy for carrying out its information duties under the Civil Aviation Act 2012 Current 16 January 2014
CAP1148 CAP 1037 - Better information about UK aviation: summary of consultation responses Current 16 January 2014
CAP1150 Guidance on delivering an effective Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) Current January 2014
CAP1157 CAA's decision on the approach to the regulation of terminal air navigation service in RP2 Current 19 February 2014
CAP1159 A strategy for human factors Current 1 April 2014
CAP1160 In Focus - European regulation and implementing rules for aerodromes
Review Comment: The CAA is reviewing the published material to identify any changes from the EASA Opinion and previous draft AMC and CS, and continuing to prepare for the changes.
Current 6 March 2014
CAP1168 Guidance Material for Organisations, Operations and Design Requirements for Aerodromes Current 5 December 2014
CAP1184 The transformation to performance-based regulation Current June 2014
CAP1209 Human Factors: Action Plan
Review Comment: This action plan is a supplement to CAP 1159 Strategy for Human Factors in Civil Aviation.
Current September 2015
CAP1210 The Airport Charges Regulations 2011. CAA Annual Report 2013-2014 Current 31 July 2014
CAP1226 Provision of Terminal Air Navigation Services (TANS) in the UK: Call for evidence Current 25 September 2014
CAP1233 Prioritisation Principles for the CAA’s Consumer Protection, Competition Law and Economic Regulation Work Current 12 May 2015
CAP1234 Economic Licensing Enforcement Guidance Current 12 May 2015
CAP1235 Guidance on the Application of the CAA’s Competition Powers Current 12 May 2015
CAP1240 In Focus: European regulation and implementing rules for aerodromes Current 31 October 2014
CAP1244 Guidance for UK airports Current 24 November 2014
CAP1249 FAS Deployment Facilitation Fund Current 21 January 2015
CAP1261 Review of advice on SES Market Conditions for Terminal Air Navigation Services in the UK Current 27 February 2015
CAP1271 The GA ANO Review: Thematic public consultation Current 26 March 2015
CAP1281 Stakeholder Consultation Responses to our Economic, Competition and Consumer Enforcement Guidance Current 12 May 2015
CAP1285 Consumer complaints handling and ADR: Summary of responses to CAA consultation on draft policy statement (CAP 1257) Current 15 April 2015
CAP1286 Consumer complaints handling and ADR: CAA policy statement and notice of approval criteria for applicant ADR bodies Current 15 April 2015
DAP1914 Application for Approval of an Individual as an Instrument Flight procedure Designer Current 20 October 2010
DAP1915 Application for Approval of a Company as an Instrument Flight Procedure Design Organisation Current 20 October 2010
DAP1916 Notification of Proposed Design Activity Current 3 December 2012
DAP1917 Application for Approval of a PANS-OPS Designed Instrument Flight Procedure. Current 23 April 2012
IN-2011/004 Revised CAA Guidance on Sky Lantern Releases Current 1 February 2011
IN-2011/054 Mode S Interrogator Codes, Selective Interrogation and Lockout Current 23 June 2011
IN-2011/056 Safety In The Balance Current 24 June 2011
IN-2011/090 Publication of the CAA Safety Plan 2011 to 2013 Current 26 August 2011
IN-2012/044 Changes to Flight Planning Procedures Current 6 March 2012
IN-2012/061 Air Navigation Order (CAP 393) Schedule 5 Radio Communication and Radio Navigation Equipment to be carried in Aircraft, Gliders, Self-Launched Motor Gliders (SLMG) from 6 April 2012 Current 30 March 2012
IN-2013/003 Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS) Communications - Standard Emergency Hand Signals to Flight and Cabin Crews Current 9 January 2013
IN-2013/018 Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012 of 16 November 2012 laying down the requirements for voice channel spacing for the Single European Sky Current 29 January 2013
IN-2013/075 RNAV (GNSS) (Area Navigation (Global Navigation Satellite System)) Approach Operations Current 15 April 2014
IN-2013/133 Publication of Radio Mandatory Zone Policy Current 16 August 2013
IN-2013/148 Compliance with the Surveillance Performance and Interoperability Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011 (SPI IR) Current 25 September 2013
IN-2013/179 Critical Part Boundaries Guidance for Aerodromes Current 15 November 2013
IN-2014/017 Guidance on Designing Standard Instrument Departures Direct to Flight Levels Current 24 January 2014
IN-2014/033 Transition Altitude Update Current 19 May 2014
IN-2014/039 Ground Handling Operations Safety Team Guidance Documents: CAPs 1008, 1009, 1010 and 382S Current 19 February 2014
IN-2014/040 COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 1079/2012 of 16 November 2012 laying down requirements for voice channel spacing for the Single European Sky Current 19 February 2014
IN-2014/046 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) - EASA Launch of SERA Part C Notice of Proposed Amendment Current 28 February 2014
IN-2014/077 Aircraft Loading Errors and the Reporting of Related Occurrences Current 11 April 2014
IN-2014/089 EASA Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) Rulemaking Task Force (RMT.0589) Current 23 May 2014
IN-2014/105 Publication of Regulatory Material for the Mode S Code Allocation IR (EU) No. 262/2009 Current 20 June 2014
IN-2014/116 Airspace Infringement Reporting Standards Current 18 July 2014
IN-2014/143 The Provision of and Access to Pilot Controlled Lighting (PCL) at Licensed Aerodromes Current 28 August 2014
IN-2014/190 Small Unmanned Aircraft Operations Within London and Other Towns and Cities Current 21 November 2014
IN-2014/191 Rescue and Fire Fighting Service Task and Resource Analysis Current 1 December 2014
IN-2014/199 NATS VOR Replacement Programme Current 11 December 2014
IN-2014/205 Revision to CAA/FAA Lithium Battery Videos Current 23 December 2014
IN-2015/007 Single European Sky CAA Information Bulletin Current 5 February 2015
IN-2015/011 Changes to Taxiway Minimum Separation Distances Current 16 February 2015
IN-2015/017 Changes to CAA Aerodrome and ANSP Audit Format Current 6 March 2015
IN-2015/020 Application for ICAO Location Indicators, 3-Letter Designators, Telephony Designators Current 19 March 2015
IN-2015/030 Notification of a Change to an Accountable Manager or Nominated Post Holder within a CAA Approved Organisation Current 14 April 2015
IN-2015/037 Airspace Change Process Regulatory Support Current 8 May 2015
IN-2015/038 Wind Turbine Wake Encounter Study Current 25 September 2015
IN-2015/039 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments – 18 March to 11 May 2015 Current 11 May 2015
IN-2015/043 NATS VOR Replacement Programme Current 8 June 2015
IN-2015/044 N560 – Release of Controlled Airspace Current 11 June 2015
IN-2015/046 Regional Office Mail Deliveries Current 15 June 2015
IN-2015/047 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments – 12 May to 17 June 2015 Current 17 June 2015
IN-2015/049 Safety Assessment of National Aircraft (SANA) by the UK CAA Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) Team Current 30 June 2015
IN-2015/051 European ATM CAA Information Bulletin Current 3 July 2015
IN-2015/052 New CAA Publication - Aeronautical Information Management (CAP 1054) Current 8 July 2015
IN-2015/053 Changes to the Requirements for the Training of Aerodrome RFFS Personnel Current 13 July 2015
IN-2015/057 CAAi Accountable Manager Aerodromes Course Current 24 July 2015
IN-2015/058 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments – 18 June to 24 July 2015 Current 27 July 2015
IN-2015/063 Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) at Aerodromes Current 10 August 2015
IN-2015/065 Publication of Regulation (EU) No. 376/2014 on the Reporting, Analysis and Follow-up of Occurrences in Civil Aviation (Updated) Current 10 August 2015
IN-2015/067 GSA Call for Grants to Promote EGNOS SBAS APV Instrument Approach Procedures Current 12 August 2015
IN-2015/070 CAAi AOC Accountable Manager Course at Manchester Current 13 August 2015
IN-2015/080 NATS VOR Replacement Programme Current 2 September 2015
IN-2015/085 Reporting of Unnotified Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Activity Current 10 September 2015
ORS4 No. 648 Mandatory Occurrence Report Scheme - Reporter's Signature Current 27 September 2007
ORS4 No.1119 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Special VFR in Control Zones Current 3 August 2015
ORS4 No.1120 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) Visibility and Distance from Cloud Minima within Class D Airspace Current 3 August 2015
ORS4 No.1121 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) Visibility and Distance from Cloud Minima within Class E Airspace Current 3 August 2015
ORS4 No.1124 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Exceptions to the Minimum Height Requirements Current 13 August 2015
ORS4 No.1126 Standardised European Rules of the Air – Compliance with Cruising Level Requirements Current 13 August 2015
ORS4 No.1127 Landing and Taking Off Near Open-Air Assemblies Current 13 August 2015
ORS4 No.1128 Emergency Services Helicopters - Landing and Taking Off Near Open-Air Assemblies Current 13 August 2015
Report 2012/01 Flight Data Monitoring Based Precursors Project: Part 1 - Runway Excursions Current December 2012
SD-2015/003 Hawker Hunter Series Aeroplanes on UK Civil Register Current 25 August 2015
SN-2011/002 Safe Use of Airstairs Current 5 April 2011
SN-2011/007 Mode S Transponder Operation Current 23 June 2011
SN-2012/003 Safety Requirements Applicable to the Carriage of Electric Mobility Aids Current 23 March 2012
SN-2013/006 Dangerous Goods Training Requirements Applicable to Fixed Base Operator Personnel Current 9 April 2013
SN-2013/013 Loading Vehicles onto Aeroplanes Current 22 July 2013
SN-2013/018 Wake Turbulence Encounters Between Heavy Category Aircraft On Departure Current 29 May 2014
SN-2014/002 Unstable Approaches – ATC Involvement Current 31 January 2014
SN-2014/007 Establishment of a Temporary Radio Mandatory Zone – London Southend Airport
Review Comment: E-mail address corrected
Current 4 July 2014
SN-2014/010 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) – UK Implementation Update Current 5 December 2014
SN-2015/001 Carriage of Assistance Dogs in the Aircraft Cabin Current 20 May 2015
SN-2015/003 Restricting the Operation of Vintage Jet Aircraft at Flying Displays Current 25 August 2015
SRG Safety Plan 2006 Safety Regulation Group Safety Plan 2006 Current 1 March 2006
SRG Safety Plan 2007 Update SRG Safety Plan 2007 Update Current July 2007
SRG2001 Application for Authorisation Granted to Persons at Aerodromes under Article 232 of the Air Navigation Order 2009 Current 18 July 2013
SRG2002A Application for an Aerodrome Licence Current July 2013
SRG2002B Application for an Aerodrome Certificate Current 11 March 2015
SRG2006 Notification of Changes to Aerodrome Infrastructure Current 22 July 2013
SRG2008 Application for Approval as an Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (RFFS) Approved Training Provider (ATP) Current 15 July 2013
SRG2009 Application for Major Aerodrome Infrastructure Project Approval Current July 2013
SRG2010 Application for a Change to Aerodrome Licence Details Current July 2013
SRG2011 Application of Changes to an EASA Certificated Aerodrome Current 3 October 2015