List of Environment Publications

Papers and reports on environmental issues related to aviation and aircraft noise.

Publication Categories and Series
Reference Title
ERCD Reports ERCD Reports

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CAA Paper 2007/02 Visualisation of Offshore Gas Turbine Gas Plumes Current 29 October 2007
CAA Paper 2007/03 Helicopter Flight in Degraded Visual Conditions Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2008/02 Offshore Helideck Environmental Research Current May 2009
CAA Paper 2008/03 Helideck Design Considerations - Environmental Effects Current July 2009
CAP 1040 Response to the Airports Commission Discussion Paper 3: Aviation and Climate Change Current May 2013
CAP 1099 CAA Response to the Airports Commission: Discussion Paper 5, Aviation Noise Current September 2013
CAP 1117 CAP 1117 Heathrow Airport Operational Freedoms Trial: The Civil Aviation Authority’s supplementary views on Heathrow Airport’s end-of-trial report Current 18 October 2013
CAP 1129 Noise Envelopes Current 13 December 2013
CAP 1142 Developing the UK-Ireland Performance Plan for Reference: December 2013 update Current December 2013
CAP 1143 The Civil Aviation Authority’s policy for carrying out its information duties under the Civil Aviation Act 2012 Current 16 January 2014
CAP 1148 CAP 1037 - Better information about UK aviation: summary of consultation responses Current 16 January 2014
CAP 1149 Noise monitor positions at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Airports Current March 2014
CAP 1163 Environmental Plan 2014-16, consultation
Review Comment: Consultation document
Current 3 March 2014
CAP 764 Policy and Guidelines on Wind Turbines Current June 2013
CAP 775 Air Services at UK Regional Airports: An Update on Developments Current 15 November 2007
CAP 796 Flying on Business – a Study of the UK Business Air Travel Market Current November 2011
CAP1119 Environmental charging - Review of impact of noise and NOx landing charges Current 15 October 2013
ORS4 No. 999 General Exemption against Article 4 (1) (a) of The Air Navigation (Environmental Standards For Non-EASA Aircraft) Order 2008 for microlight aeroplanes with a maximum weight, without pilot and fuel, of 115kg Current 16 December 2013