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Publication Categories and Series
Reference Title
ACNs Airspace Coordination Notices
DAP Forms Airspace Forms
DAP Guidance Material Airspace Guidance Material
DAP Policy Statements Airspace Policy Statements
UAV Unmanned Aircraft

Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CAA Paper 2007/06 RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approach – Flight Trials Analysis Report Current 21 September 2007
CAA Paper 2011/03 CAA 'Significant Seven' Task Force Reports Current March 2011
CAP 493 SI 2014/03 UK Flight Information Services Current 17 July 2014
CAP 694 The UK Flight Planning Guide Current January 2013
CAP 722 Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace - Guidance Current 10 August 2012
CAP 724 Airspace Charter Current 30 August 2012
CAP 725 Airspace Change Process Guidance Document Current 30 March 2007
CAP 736 Operation of Directed Light, Fireworks, Toy Balloons and Sky Lanterns within UK Airspace Current February 2011
CAP 738 Safeguarding of Aerodromes Current December 2006
CAP 740 UK Airspace Management Policy
Review Comment: Version 5 June 2014
Current 30 June 2014
CAP 761 Operation of IFF/SSR Interrogators in the UK: Planning Principles and Procedures Current 1 August 2008
CAP 764 Policy and Guidelines on Wind Turbines Current June 2013
CAP 773 Flying RNAV (GNSS) Non-Precision Approaches in Private and General Aviation Aircraft Current 1 August 2007
CAP 777 ATC Surveillance Minimum Altitude Charts in UK Airspace Policy and Design Criteria Current July 2013
CAP 778 Policy and Guidance for the Design and Operation of Departure Procedures in UK Airspace Current 1 November 2012
CAP 779 Regulation of Aeronautical Information Management Services Current 23 April 2010
CAP 782 Regulation of Aeronautical Meteorological Services Current 30 January 2014
CAP 785 Approval Requirements for Instrument Flight Procedures for use in UK Airspace Current 22 March 2010
CAP1036 Global Fatal Accident Review 2002 to 2011 Current June 2013
CAP1048 Guidance for applicant: Conduct of reviews of decisions or proposals made by the CAA Safety and Airspace Regulation Group Current July 2014
CAP1062 Future Airspace Strategy (FAS): UK Continuous Climb Operations (CCOs) Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Current July 2013
CAP1074 Safety and Airspace Regulation Enforcement Guidance
Review Comment: Draft Safety and Airspace Regulation Enforcement Guidance
Current August 2013
CAP1075 A Cost Benefit Analysis of Continuous Climb Operations Current July 2013
CAP1089 SARG Code of Practice Current 1 August 2013
CAP1096 Guidance to Crane Operators on Aviation Lighting and Notification Current 22 April 2014
CAP1098 Regulatory treatment of London Approach charges in Reference Period 2 (2015-2019) of the Single European Sky Performance Scheme - A consultation document Current October 2013
CAP1117 CAP 1117 Heathrow Airport Operational Freedoms Trial: The Civil Aviation Authority’s supplementary views on Heathrow Airport’s end-of-trial report Current 18 October 2013
CAP1142 Developing the UK-Ireland Performance Plan for Reference: December 2013 update Current December 2013
CAP1229 NATS (En route) plc Price Control for period 2015-2019 consistent with UK-Ireland FAB Performance Plan: Notice of proposed modification of Air Traffic Services licence Current 17 November 2014
CAP1230 NATS (En route) plc Oceanic Price Control for period 2015-2019: Notice of proposed modification of Air Traffic Services licence Current 17 November 2014
CAP1242 Proposal to modify NATS (En Route) plc licence in respect of reporting and Specified Services: Notice under section 11(2) of the Transport Act 2000 Current 17 November 2014
DAP Policy Danger Areas Current 1 February 2013
DAP Policy Radio Mandatory Zone Policy Current 16 August 2013
DAP Policy Significant Point Name Codes (5LNC) and ATS Route Designators Current 14 October 2013
DAP1902 Application for a Radio Licence for an Aircraft Current April 2014
DAP1916 Notification of Proposed Design Activity Current 3 December 2012
DAP1920 Request for Airspace Coordination and Notification for Civil or Military Events which include Military Aircraft participation Current 16 June 2014
Decision BIA RNAV STARs CAA Decision Letter - Bristol International Airport (BIA) RNAV STARs Current 18 August 2014
IN-2011/004 Revised CAA Guidance on Sky Lantern Releases Current 1 February 2011
IN-2011/054 Mode S Interrogator Codes, Selective Interrogation and Lockout Current 23 June 2011
IN-2011/090 Publication of the CAA Safety Plan 2011 to 2013 Current 26 August 2011
IN-2012/033 Airspace Change Proposal: Framework Briefing: DVR/LYDD DL5 Current 22 February 2012
IN-2012/034 Airspace Change Proposal: Framework Briefing: Jersey Airport Airspace Re-design Project Current 22 February 2012
IN-2012/044 Changes to Flight Planning Procedures Current 6 March 2012
IN-2012/061 Air Navigation Order (CAP 393) Schedule 5 Radio Communication and Radio Navigation Equipment to be carried in Aircraft, Gliders, Self-Launched Motor Gliders (SLMG) from 6 April 2012 Current 30 March 2012
IN-2012/128 Establishment of an Aerodrome Traffic Zone at Lerwick/Tingwall Current 20 August 2012
IN-2012/145 Introduction of Visual Flight Rules (VFR) at Night in the UK Current 17 September 2012
IN-2013/018 Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012 of 16 November 2012 laying down the requirements for voice channel spacing for the Single European Sky Current 29 January 2013
IN-2013/133 Publication of Radio Mandatory Zone Policy Current 16 August 2013
IN-2013/140 Airspace Infringement - Introduction of Post Infringement Questionnaire Current 6 September 2013
IN-2013/184 Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012 of 16 November 2012 laying down requirements for voice channel spacing for the Single European Sky Current 25 November 2013
IN-2013/192 Simplified Approval Process for Handheld VHF Radios Current 29 November 2013
IN-2013/200 Transfer of the Provision of Air Traffic Services - Dynamic Sectorisation Operational Trial (DSOT) Current 19 December 2013
IN-2014/017 Guidance on Designing Standard Instrument Departures Direct to Flight Levels Current 24 January 2014
IN-2014/033 Transition Altitude Update Current 19 May 2014
IN-2014/034 Airspace Change Process Regulatory Support Current 10 February 2014
IN-2014/035 Greater Wash/Southern North Sea Transponder Mandatory Zones Current 6 February 2014
IN-2014/037 Single European Sky CAA Information Bulletin (February) Current 12 February 2014
IN-2014/040 COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 1079/2012 of 16 November 2012 laying down requirements for voice channel spacing for the Single European Sky Current 19 February 2014
IN-2014/046 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) - EASA Launch of SERA Part C Notice of Proposed Amendment Current 28 February 2014
IN-2014/051 Avoidance of Incidents Related to Controlled Flight Into Terrain When Under Air Traffic Control Radar Control Current 12 March 2014
IN-2014/083 New Industry Safety Tool - Bowtie Barrier Risk Models Current 28 April 2014
IN-2014/084 Single European Sky CAA Information Bulletin (April) Current 29 April 2014
IN-2014/085 Replacement Of Class F Airspace In UK Flight Information Regions – Consultation Report Current 2 May 2014
IN-2014/090 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments - 21 February to 23 May 2014 Current 23 May 2014
IN-2014/098 Lee-on-Solent Aerodrome Traffic Zone Proposal Current 6 June 2014
IN-2014/099 Single European Sky CAA Information Bulletin Current 9 June 2014
IN-2014/119 Single European Sky Information Bulletin Current 21 July 2014
IN-2014/124 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments - 24 May to 24 July 2014 Current 23 July 2014
IN-2014/125 Implementation of Extension to Conditional Route UN26 Current 25 July 2014
IN-2014/126 Implementation of SWMDA Upper ATS Conditional Routes Current 25 July 2014
IN-2014/128 Revision to the Pompi Triangle Fillet of Controlled Airspace Southeast of the Isle of Wight Current 1 August 2014
IN-2014/136 Extension of Class C CAS Stubs Current 8 August 2014
IN-2014/137 Regulatory Documents Containing References to the CAA Current 15 August 2014
IN-2014/138 Bristol International Airport (BIA) RNAV STARs Current 18 August 2014
IN-2014/141 EU Regulation on the Reporting, Analysis and Follow-up of Occurrences in Civil Aviation Current 21 August 2014
IN-2014/145 Publication of Edition 6 of CAP 493 'Manual of Air Traffic Services Part 1' Current 3 September 2014
IN-2014/155 Publication of 1:500k VFR Chart 'Scotland' Edition 30 Current 23 September 2014
IN-2014/158 Expression of Interest – Departure Planning Information System for Standard Airports Current 30 September 2014
IN-2014/159 London Array and Thanet Transponder Mandatory Zones Current 3 October 2014
IN-2014/173 Info Relevant to Fireworks Displays for the Period 31 October – 9 November 2014 Current 21 October 2014
IN-2014/174 Altitude Cold Temperature Corrections Current 21 October 2014
IN-2014/180 Hebrides Range (EG D701) Airspace Change Proposal Current 4 November 2014
IN-2014/181 Non-Standard and Enhanced Non-Standard Flight Approvals in UK Airspace Current 4 November 2014
IN-2014/183 Replacement of Class F Airspace - Class E Airspace Phraseology and Traffic Information Current 7 November 2014
IN-2014/187 CAA Information Bulletin on EASA Developments – 25 July to 13 November 2014 Current 13 November 2014
IN-2014/189 Introduction of Direct Route Airspace Current 21 November 2014
ORS4 No. 848 Schedule 5 Scale (J) - Airborne Collision Avoidance System Current 1 April 2011
ORS4 No. 849 Schedule 5 Scale (J) - Airborne Collision Avoidance System Current 1 April 2011
ORS4 No. 882 General Exemption from requirement to carry automatic direction finding equipment in specified circumstances. Current 22 December 2011
ORS4 No.1045 Procedures for the Operation of Area Navigation Equipment in Precision Area Navigation (P-RNAV) or RNAV-1 Designated Airspace or Air Traffic Routes Current 21 October 2014
ORS5 No. 278 CAA Scheme of Charges (Instrument Flight Procedures) Current 1 April 2012
SARG Policy Controlled Airspace Containment Policy Current 17 January 2014
SARG Policy Standard Instrument Departure Truncation Policy Current 13 May 2014
SN-2011/012 Reaction to Alerts Provided By Traffic Collision Alerting Systems (TCAS) and Other Collision Warning Systems Current 8 September 2011
SN-2014/007 Establishment of a Temporary Radio Mandatory Zone – London Southend Airport
Review Comment: E-mail address corrected
Current 4 July 2014
SRG1320 Application for Operation of a Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) in UK Airspace Current 22 September 2014