List of Air Transport Policy Publications

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
ATOL Policy and Regulations 2010/03 ATOL Groups and Related Parties Current February 2010
ATOL Policy and Regulations 2010/08 ATOL Bonding and Personal Overtrading Guarantees. Current February 2010
ATP The Future Development of Air Transport in the United Kingdom Current June 2003
CA1760 Change in Particulars Current 11 September 2012
CAA Paper 2004/05 Report on the Testing and Systematic Evaluation of the airEXODUS Aircraft Evacuation Model Current 15 April 2005
CAP 749 The Effect of Liberalisation on Aviation Employment Current 16 March 2004
CAP 756 Portable Electronic Device Generated Electro-magnetic Fields on Board a Large Transport Aeroplane Current 30 November 2005
CAP 769 Ownership and Control Liberalisation: A Discussion Paper Current October 2006
CAP 771 Connecting the Continents: Long Haul Passenger Operations from the UK Current 31 July 2007
CAP 775 Air Services at UK Regional Airports: An Update on Developments Current 15 November 2007
CAP 779 Regulation of Aeronautical Information Management Services Current 23 April 2010
CAP 796 Flying on Business – a Study of the UK Business Air Travel Market Current November 2011
CAP1012 CAP 1012 Response to the Airports Commission discussion paper on demand forecasting Current March 2013
CAP1013 Submission to the Airports Commision: Sifting criteria for additional airport capacity Current March 2013
CAP1018 Guidance on Consumer Enforcement Current 12 May 2015
CAP1023 CAA Response to the Airports Commission Discussion Paper on Aviation Connectivity Current April 2013
CAP1040 Response to the Airports Commission Discussion Paper 3: Aviation and Climate Change Current May 2013
CAP1048 Guidance for applicant: Conduct of reviews of decisions or proposals made by the CAA Safety and Airspace Regulation Group Current July 2014
CAP1054 Aeronautical Information Management Current 8 July 2015
CAP1080 CAA Response to the Airports Commision discussion paper on airport operating models Current August 2013
CAP1099 CAA Response to the Airports Commission: Discussion Paper 5, Aviation Noise Current September 2013
CAP1117 CAP 1117 Heathrow Airport Operational Freedoms Trial: The Civil Aviation Authority’s supplementary views on Heathrow Airport’s end-of-trial report Current 18 October 2013
CAP1129 Noise Envelopes Current 13 December 2013
CAP1143 The Civil Aviation Authority’s policy for carrying out its information duties under the Civil Aviation Act 2012 Current 16 January 2014
CAP1144 ADELT Research Report Current 27 February 2014
CAP1148 CAP 1037 - Better information about UK aviation: summary of consultation responses Current 16 January 2014
CAP1217 CAA Response to the Airports Commission Utilisation of the UK’s Existing Airport Capacity Discussion Paper Current September 2014
CAP1218 CAA Response to the Airports Commission’s Inner Thames Estuary study outputs Current September 2014
CAP1219 CAA Response to the Airports Commission Delivery Discussion Paper Current September 2014
CAP1233 Prioritisation Principles for the CAA’s Consumer Protection, Competition Law and Economic Regulation Work Current 12 May 2015
CAP1234 Economic Licensing Enforcement Guidance Current 12 May 2015
CAP1235 Guidance on the Application of the CAA’s Competition Powers Current 12 May 2015
CAP1244 Guidance for UK airports Current 24 November 2014
CAP1249 FAS Deployment Facilitation Fund Current 21 January 2015
CAP1279 Economic regulation of new runway capacity Current 26 March 2015
CAP1281 Stakeholder Consultation Responses to our Economic, Competition and Consumer Enforcement Guidance Current 12 May 2015
CAP1285 Consumer complaints handling and ADR: Summary of responses to CAA consultation on draft policy statement (CAP 1257) Current 15 April 2015
CAP1286 Consumer complaints handling and ADR: CAA policy statement and notice of approval criteria for applicant ADR bodies Current 15 April 2015