List of INs 2014

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
IN-2014/001 Channel Islands Airspace Reclassification and Redesignation Current 3 January 2014
IN-2014/003 CAAi Airworthiness Surveyor Theory Course Current 8 January 2014
IN-2014/005 CAAi An Introduction to International Air Law Course Current 13 January 2014
IN-2014/006 CAAi AOC Accountable Manager Course Current 13 January 2014
IN-2014/007 CAAi Flight Operations Inspector Theory Course Current 13 January 2014
IN-2014/008 CAAi Accountable Manager Aerodromes Course Current 13 January 2014
IN-2014/009 CAAi EASA Part 21 Subpart J Design Organisation Approval Course Current 13 January 2014
IN-2014/010 Publication of Annual Airspace Coordination Notices on the CAA Website Current 13 January 2014
IN-2014/011 Framework Briefing: MoD Boscombe Down Airspace Change Proposal Current 15 January 2014
IN-2014/012 Notification of UK Alternative Means of Compliance for Theoretical Knowledge Instruction for Part-FCL Private Pilot Licences for Aeroplanes and Helicopters Current 14 January 2014
IN-2014/013 SMS Phase 2 Evaluation and Assessment for EASA Aerodromes Current 17 January 2014
IN-2014/014 Review of Areas of Intense Air Activities Current 22 January 2014
IN-2014/015 Review of CANP-PINS Procedures Current 22 January 2014
IN-2014/016 Part-FCL Senior Examiner Seminars (Single Pilot Aeroplanes) Current 24 January 2014
IN-2014/017 Guidance on Designing Standard Instrument Departures Direct to Flight Levels Current 24 January 2014
IN-2014/018 Post Implementation Review - Outsourcing of Instrument Flight Procedure Design Current 6 February 2014
IN-2014/020 Removal of Support for Microsoft Windows XP Operating System Current 30 January 2014
IN-2014/021 Rescue and Fire Fighting Service Task and Resource Analysis Current 30 January 2014
IN-2014/022 Use of Portable Electronic Devices During Commercial Air Transport Aircraft Operation Current 30 January 2014
IN-2014/025 Amended Licensing Requirements for Air Traffic Controllers and Student Air Traffic Controllers Current 31 January 2014
IN-2014/026 UK Standard Instrument Departure Truncation Policy Current 31 January 2014
IN-2014/027 UK Controlled Airspace Containment Policy Current 31 January 2014
IN-2014/028 Prestwick Centre Route Free Airspace Change Proposal Current 6 February 2014
IN-2014/029 Amended Administration Processes For Student ATCO and ATCO Licence Holders Associated With The Implementation of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 805/2011 Current 31 January 2014
IN-2014/033 Transition Altitude Update Current 4 February 2014
IN-2014/034 Airspace Change Process Regulatory Support Current 10 February 2014
IN-2014/035 Greater Wash/Southern North Sea Transponder Mandatory Zones Current 6 February 2014
IN-2014/036 Flight Time Limitations Under Commission Regulation (EU) No. 83/2014 Current 7 February 2014
IN-2014/037 Single European Sky CAA Information Bulletin (February) Current 12 February 2014
IN-2014/038 Type Rating and Synthetic Flight Examiners (TRE/SFE) Aeroplanes Examiner Refresher Seminar Current 17 February 2014
IN-2014/039 Ground Handling Operations Safety Team Guidance Documents: CAPs 1008, 1009, 1010 and 382S Current 19 February 2014
IN-2014/040 COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 1079/2012 of 16 November 2012 laying down requirements for voice channel spacing for the Single European Sky Current 19 February 2014
IN-2014/041 CAA EASA Information Bulletin Current 20 February 2014
IN-2014/042 Runway Excursion Prevention Current 24 February 2014
IN-2014/043 Approval of Maintenance Organisations under the EU-US Bilateral Safety Agreement Current 25 February 2014
IN-2014/044 Small Unmanned Aircraft - UK National Qualified Entities Current 26 February 2014
IN-2014/046 Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) - EASA Launch of SERA Part C Notice of Proposed Amendment Current 28 February 2014
IN-2014/047 Type Rating Instructor (Aeroplanes) (TRI (A)) Assessment of Competence Current 3 March 2014
IN-2014/048 Type Rating Instructor (Aeroplane) (TRI(A)) & Synthetic Flight Instructor (Aeroplane) (SFI(A)) Revalidation and Renewal Current 4 March 2014
IN-2014/050 Addition of an Aeroplane Type to a Multi-Pilot Aeroplane TRE(A) or SFE(A) Certificate Current 10 March 2014
IN-2014/051 Avoidance of Incidents Related to Controlled Flight Into Terrain When Under Air Traffic Control Radar Control Current 12 March 2014
IN-2014/052 Eligibility of Pilots to Conduct Check Flights Current 20 March 2014
IN-2014/053 Regulatory Documents Containing References to the CAA Current 24 March 2014
IN-2014/054 Amendment of the requirement to renew a Class or Type Rating included in a UK issued Pilot Licence (except a UK NPPL or a Part-FCL LAPL, SPL, BPL) and to renew an Instrument Rating Current 24 March 2014
IN-2014/055 Submission of Unit Documentation By Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) Current 27 March 2014
IN-2014/056 EASA Standardisation Audit Current 25 March 2014
IN-2014/057 CRM Training and the Selection of CRM Instructors and Examiners under Part-ORO Current 25 March 2014
IN-2014/058 Regulation of Code-Share Agreements Current 25 March 2014
IN-2014/059 Use of Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) Code 0033 Current 28 March 2014
IN-2014/060 Changes to the CAA Theoretical Knowledge Examination Service for Applicants for Professional Pilots Licences (A&H), Instrument Ratings and Aircraft Maintenance Licences Current 31 March 2014
IN-2014/061 Part-FCL Senior Examiner Seminars (Multi Pilot & Single Pilot High Performance Complex Aeroplanes) Current 2 April 2014
IN-2014/068 The Conversion of Registered Training Facilities (RTF) to Approved Training Organisations (ATO) - Additional Information Current 4 April 2014
IN-2014/074 Temporary suspension of 'same day' service for the issue of the Restricted Instrument Rating (IR(R)) - formerly the IMC Rating Current 9 April 2014
IN-2014/075 CAP 797 Flight Information Service Officer Manual Current 10 April 2014
IN-2014/076 Apron Management Services at Aerodromes Current 10 April 2014
IN-2014/077 Aircraft Loading Errors and the Reporting of Related Occurrences Current 11 April 2014
IN-2014/078 Implementation of Part-MED Subpart C - Cabin Crew Medical Assessment Current 11 April 2014
IN-2014/079 Consultation on CAP 774 UK Flight Information Services – Comment Response Document Current 17 April 2014