List of INs 2012

CAA Information Notices 2012


Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
IN-2012/001 JAR-Instrument Rating Examination Syllabus. Further Information regarding change of Syllabus for Aeroplanes and Helicopters Current 4 January 2012
IN-2012/003 Variation of Permit to Fly to Remove Prohibition on Flight Over Congested Areas Current 10 January 2012
IN-2012/007 CAA Master Minimum Equipment List Policy Items Current 12 January 2012
IN-2012/008 Airborne Collision Avoidance System II (ACAS II) Guidance for Pilots on the Use of Training Devices Current 12 January 2012
IN-2012/027 Transfer of Training to another Approved Training Organisation during a training course Current 17 February 2012
IN-2012/028 JAA Class 2 Medical Certificates Issued to Applicants Under 40 Current 22 February 2012
IN-2012/029 Cessation of Credits against JAR-FCL Requirements for UK Military Qualified Service Pilots Current 17 February 2012
IN-2012/037 Implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Approved Training Organisations Current 29 February 2012
IN-2012/040 Approved Flying and Type Rating Training Organisations - Requirements for Pilots' Aircraft Checklists and related content in Theoretical Knowledge Courses and Examinations Current 29 February 2012
IN-2012/041 Gyroplane Training - Revised Training Requirements Current 29 February 2012
IN-2012/044 Changes to Flight Planning Procedures Current 6 March 2012
IN-2012/051 Notification of Changes in Type Support Provided by de Havilland Support Ltd Current 16 March 2012
IN-2012/061 Air Navigation Order (CAP 393) Schedule 5 Radio Communication and Radio Navigation Equipment to be carried in Aircraft, Gliders, Self-Launched Motor Gliders (SLMG) from 6 April 2012 Current 30 March 2012
IN-2012/063 EASA Medical Certification for Pilots Current 2 April 2012
IN-2012/094 Navigation Training for FTO's (ATO's) providing Flight Instructor Courses Current 30 May 2012
IN-2012/096 EU/US and EU/Canada Bilateral Safety Agreement Certificate of Airworthiness for Export Applications Current 14 June 2012
IN-2012/110 FCL - Advance Notice of a Reduction in the scope of the 'R' (Revalidation) Examiner Authorisation & the Revalidation Privilege of the 'GR' Ground Examiner Authorisation Current 6 July 2012
IN-2012/111 Information for the Pilot Training Industry: Implementation of European Aircrew Requirements - Acceptance of Applications for the Approval and Registration of Training Organisations Current 9 July 2012
IN-2012/118 CAP 553, British Civil Airworthiness Requirements, Transition Arrangements Following Implementation of BCAR Section A, Issue 7 Current 18 July 2012
IN-2012/123 FCL 1025 (B) (2) Examiner Refresher Seminars Current 17 February 2014
IN-2012/128 Establishment of an Aerodrome Traffic Zone at Lerwick/Tingwall Current 20 August 2012
IN-2012/138 Information for pilots undertaking CPL courses and intending to claim credits for reductions in training hours for Instrument Ratings Current 30 August 2012
IN-2012/141 Additional documentation requirements for Part-66 basic licence applications when experience is gained outside a Part-145 or Part-M approved maintenance organisation Current 10 September 2012
IN-2012/146 Changes to Instructor and Examiner Qualifications for Single Pilot Aeroplanes Current 12 September 2012
IN-2012/149 FC-Examination Arrangements and Timetable for Professional Pilots and Flight Engineers 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2013 Current 18 September 2012
IN-2012/157 Examiner Involvement in Pilot Flight Training and Testing Current 15 October 2012