List of Emergency Airworthiness Directives

UK EADs can also be found in CAP 747. Non-UK Emergency ADs (EADs) will be available for download from the CAA website for a period of two months from the publication date and then they will be removed. They will still be available from the originating National Aviation Authority.


Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
Brazilian EAD BR-2015-01-01 Embraer EMB-505 aeroplanes: Outboard Wing Leading Edge Piccolo Tubes Installation - Inspection Current 5 January 2015
EASA EAD 2015-0019-E Airbus Helicopters MBB-BK117: Optional Equipment – External Rescue Hoist System – Inspection / Modification Current 5 February 2015
EASA EAD 2015-0025-E AgustaWestland A109A and A109AII helicopters: Rotor(s) - Main Rotor Blades - Identification / Replacement Current 18 February 2015
EASA EAD 2015-0033-E Airbus Helicopters EC130: Fuselage – Tail Boom / Fenestron Junction Frame – Inspection
Review Comment: Supersedes EASA AD 2014-0145R1
Current 24 February 2015
EASA EAD 2015-0034-E STEMME GmbH & Co. KG TSA-M powered sailplanes S6 & S6-RT & ASP S15-1 aeroplanes: Flight Controls - Aileron, Speed Brake and Flap Control Systems -Modification Current 27 February 2015
EASA EAD 2015-0035-E AgustaWestland S.p.A. A109, AW109, A119 and AW119 helicopters: Tail Rotor – Pitch Control Link Assembly – Inspection / Replacement Current 27 February 2015
EASA EAD 2015-0043-E Airbus A380 aeroplanes: Wings – Movable Flap Track Fairing # 6 / Pivot Bracket – Inspection Current 11 March 2015
EASA EAD 2015-0052-E SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH, Solo 2350 C engines: Engine - Operation Restriction
Review Comment: Supersedes EASA AD 2013-0217R1
Current 27 March 2015
FAA EAD 2015-08-51 Entsrom Helicopter F28, 280 and 480 helicopters: Main Rotor Head
Review Comment: Supersedes FAA EAD 2015-04-51
Current 13 April 2015