List of Airworthiness Communications (AIRCOMs)

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
AIRCOM 2008/03 Continuing Airworthiness Responsibilities under Part M for Owners of Non-Large Aircraft Not Used for Commercial Air Transport Current 19 December 2008
AIRCOM 2009/03 Ensuring Satisfactory Co-ordination between Operators and Maintenance Organisations for Maintenance Check Flights Current 4 March 2009
AIRCOM 2009/04 CAA Olympic and Paralympic Steering Group (COPSG) Current 14 May 2009
AIRCOM 2009/05 Maintenance of Instrument Vacuum System Components Current 29 May 2009
AIRCOM 2009/06 European Requirements to Share Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR) Data Current 27 July 2009
AIRCOM 2009/07 Implementation of Part M Current 7 August 2009
AIRCOM 2009/08 Demonstrating Compliance with JAR-OPS 3.110 and ANO Article 19(8) when Carrying Personal Locator Beacons Current 18 September 2009
AIRCOM 2009/10 EASA Aircraft with an Expired UK (National) Certificate of Airworthiness Current 10 September 2009
AIRCOM 2009/11 Aicraft Fitted with Alvis Leonides Series Engines Current 22 September 2009
AIRCOM 2009/14 Notification of changes to the CAA distribution of Mandatory Permit Directives (MPDs) Current 16 October 2009
AIRCOM 2009/16 Notification of the Extension in the Transition Period for Chapter A8-21, 'Approval of Organisations for Design or Production' Current 20 November 2009
AIRCOM 2009/18 Maintenance of the Light Aircraft Maintenance Programme (LAMP) - CAP 766 and CAP 767 Current 23 November 2009
AIRCOM 2009/19 CAA Monthly Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR) Listing Current 22 December 2009
AIRCOM 2010/01 Large Aircraft Hard Landing Reports and Organisational Responsibilities Current 15 January 2010
AIRCOM 2010/02 Withdrawal of Declaration of Flight Manual Standard (DFMS) Service Current 26 February 2010
AIRCOM 2010/03 Amendment to the Air Navigation Order 2009 Current 8 April 2010
AIRCOM 2010/05 Changes to the U.S. Federal Regulations Regarding Export Certificates of Airworthiness Current 10 May 2010
AIRCOM 2010/06 Part M Subpart G, Permit to Fly Current 11 May 2010
AIRCOM 2010/08 Approval of Design Changes to Ex-Military Aircraft Current 7 June 2010
AIRCOM 2010/09 Applying for the Approval of a Minor Modification to Non-EASA Aircraft Current 22 July 2010
AIRCOM 2010/10 Preservation of Flight Data Recordings (CVR & FDR) Current 24 August 2010
AIRCOM 2010/11 Guidance for Owners and Potential Owners of Light Sport Aircraft Current 24 August 2010
AIRCOM 2010/12 The Management and Recording of Aircraft Defects Current 23 December 2010
AIRCOM 2010/13 Restructure of the CAA Airworthiness Organisation Current 1 November 2010
AIRCOM 2010/14 Radial Piston Engines - Avoidance of Damage Due to Hydraulic Lock Current 3 November 2010
AIRCOM 2010/16 Part 145 Authorisation and Licence Limitations Current 23 December 2010