List of Airspace Forms

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
CAAi4001 Instrument Flight Procedures - New Design/Change Request Form Current 27 May 2015
CAAi4002 Instrument Flight Procedure - Safeguarding Assessment Request Form Current 27 May 2015
DAP1902 Application for a Radio Licence for an Aircraft Current April 2014
DAP1910 Application to Operate a Secondary Surveillance Interrogator in the United Kingdom - Ground Based Platform Current November 2009
DAP1911 Application to Operate a Secondary Surveillance Interrogator in the United Kingdom - Maritime or Airborne Platform Current November 2009
DAP1912 Application to Operate ACAS (TCAS) within the United Kingdom Current August 2008
DAP1913 IFF/SSR Interference Reporting Form Current August 2008
DAP1914 Application for Approval of an Individual as an Instrument Flight procedure Designer Current 20 October 2010
DAP1915 Application for Approval of a Company as an Instrument Flight Procedure Design Organisation Current 20 October 2010
DAP1916 Notification of Proposed Design Activity Current 3 December 2012
DAP1917 Application for Approval of a PANS-OPS Designed Instrument Flight Procedure. Current 23 April 2012
DAP1918 Notification of Outdoor Laser, Searchlight, Firework, Helium-Filled Toy Balloon or Sky Lantern event. Current 2 February 2011
DAP1919 Captive Unmanned Gas Balloons - Application for Permission to Fly Current 15 February 2011
DAP1920 Request for Airspace Coordination and Notification for Civil or Military Events which include Military Aircraft participation Current 5 March 2015
DAP933 UK AIP Change Request Form Current 5 April 2013
FCS1500 Payment Authorisation for extraneous payments Current January 2014
FCS1521 Airspace Use Report Form Current 1 April 2015
SRG1320 Application for Operation of a Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) in UK Airspace Current 25 August 2015
SRG1321 Application for Operation of an Unmanned Aircraft (UA) over 20kg in UK Airpsace Current 22 September 2014
SRG1417 Application to establish or change an Aeronautical Ground Radio Station Current October 2012
SRG1601 Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Form Current 31 January 2013