List of Flight Operations Forms

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Individual Publications
Reference Title Status as at Date
DAP1914 Application for Approval of an Individual as an Instrument Flight procedure Designer Current 20 October 2010
DAP1915 Application for Approval of a Company as an Instrument Flight Procedure Design Organisation Current 20 October 2010
DAP1917 Application for Approval of a PANS-OPS Designed Instrument Flight Procedure. Current 23 April 2012
FCS1520 Alleged Breach of Air Navigation Legislation Current 1 October 2013
SRG1310 Application for an Air Operator's Certificate (Balloons) Current September 2014
SRG1311 Application to Vary an Air Operator's Certificate (Balloons) Current April 2012
SRG1312 Application for Renewal of an Air Operator's Certificates (Balloons) Current 5 April 2012
SRG1320 Application for Operation of a Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) in UK Airspace Current 22 September 2014
SRG1321 Application for Operation of an Unmanned Aircraft (UA) over 20kg in UK Airpsace Current 22 September 2014
SRG1322 Application for National Qualified Entity Status (Small Unmanned Aircraft) Current 22 September 2014
SRG1601 Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Form Current 31 January 2013
SRG1751 Application for Same Day Service - Flight Operations Current
SRG1802 Application to Vary Air Operator Certificate and EASA Part-M, Subpart G Approval Current June 2014
SRG1813 Application for RNP Approach Operational Approval or Renewal Current 24 June 2014
SRG1814 Application for Extended Operations (ETOPS) Operational Approval Current 24 June 2014
SRG1815 Application for P-RNAV Operational Approval or Renewal Current 24 June 2014
SRG1828 Application for Low Visibility Operations Approval Current 24 June 2014
SRG1829 Application for EVS/HUDLS Operational Approval Current 24 June 2014
SRG1832 Operations Manual - Notice of Proposed Amendment Current 13 October 2014
SRG1836 Permission/Exemption Request for AOC Holders Current 7 August 2014
SRG1837 Notification by UK Operator of a code-share agreement Current 7 August 2014
SRG2198 Application for Qualification Certificates or Recurrent Evaluation of a Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) under EASA Aircrew Regulation VII (Part-ORA) ORA.FSTD.200. Current March 2013
SRG2815A CAA Form 4 (EASA-Ops) Management Personnel - Air Operator Certification Current 11 February 2014