CAP 740: UK Airspace Management Policy

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Reference:CAP 740
Title:UK Airspace Management Policy
Description:CAP 740 describes the UK approach to airspace management giving UK specific guidance to the MOD and NATS.

This amendment to the third issue of CAP 740 – UK Airspace Management Manual incorporates changes to the UK airspace management (ASM) governance structure due to a re-organisation within the CAA; includes changes to UK performance measurement and reporting; incorporates the requirement for an audit function; adds regulatory oversight of all international LoAs and Protocols and includes changes to ASM procedures

The UK Airspace Management Policy - CAP 740 describes UK Airspace Management (ASM) and the application of the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) concept. The basis for the FUA Concept is that airspace should not be designated as either military or civil airspace but should be considered as one continuum and used flexibly. The Policy sets out the regulatory framework and governance of UK ASM and in doing so provides a structure within which both civil and military guidance and protocols can be shaped, providing detail of procedures and requirements for the implementation and application of the FUA concept at the strategic, pre-tactical and tactical levels of operation.

Review Comment:Version 5 June 2014
Date:30 June 2014
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