CAP 794: Air Traffic Controllers Initial Objectives

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Reference:CAP 794
Title:Air Traffic Controllers Initial Objectives
Description:This document has been created to assist the UK certificated Initial Air Traffic Control (ATC) Training Organisations in mapping and referencing the training objectives for the national requirements.
This document is designed as a reference document for certificated Training Organisations who are certificated to deliver Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) initial training courses approved by the CAA. It has adopted the format of the EUROCONTROL’s Specification for the ATCO Common Core Content Initial Training (ECCCS), edition of 21 October 2008 and lists the relevant rating performance objectives taken from the UK national requirements as laid down in CAP 624 Air traffic Controller – Performance Objectives Part 1 Aerodrome Control Visual (ADV), Part 2 Aerodrome Control Instrument (ADI), Part 3 Approach Control Procedural (APP), Part 4 Approach Control Surveillance (APS) and Part 6 Area Control Surveillance (ACS). Part 5 Area Control Procedural (ACP) is not included in this document as there is currently no demand for ACP training in the UK.

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Date:August 2013
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