IN-2013/085: Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) Class G Airspace Users' Conference

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Title:Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) Class G Airspace Users' Conference
Description:The FAS Deployment Conference took place on 11th December 2012. Prior to that event and
during the development of the Strategy itself, it was recognised that there had, by necessity,
been a strong focus on the commercial sector. This has led to the perception that the needs
of other aviation sectors, specifically General Aviation (GA), Sports & Recreational Aviation
(R&SA) and the military, could be disadvantaged as a result of that lack of focus.
Consequently, further workstreams have been initiated within FAS to redress the balance. As
part of these workstreams, a FAS Class G Users’ Conference will be held on 15th July 2013 at
the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS).

Status:Withdrawn on 15 July 2013
Review Comment:None
Date:4 June 2013
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