CAA Paper 1999/04: Research on Offshore Helideck Environmental Issues

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Reference:CAA Paper 1999/04
Title:Research on Offshore Helideck Environmental Issues
Description:CAA Paper 99004 reports on a top-down review of the environmental factors affecting helicopters operating to offshore helidecks. The study: establishes the nature and extent of environmental problems; reviews the ‘state-of-the-art’ in relation to the techniques and technologies that could be deployed to mitigate the problems identified; recommends a course of short, medium and long term actions to address the problems; recommends changes to the guidance material contained in CAP 437 (Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas - Guidance on Standards) to improve its quality and scope.
NB. Amended 20/04/2004 to correct a minor error in the figures on page 79.

Review Comment:None
Date:22 November 2002
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