Certificate of Turnover: Firms Approval Certificate 2013

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Reference:Certificate of Turnover
Title:Firms Approval Certificate 2013
Description:This certificate is only applicable to ORS5 No. 280.

The Certificate of Turnover form should be used by persons or organisations approved under paragraph 3.6.4 of the CAA Airworthiness Scheme of Charges in respect of annual approval charges.

Where the approved person or organisation holds an approval which has a turnover of less than £2,250,000 or, in the case of paragraph 3.6.4 a) iii) bb) where the turnover is less than £1,125,000, in the year to 31 March 2012, then that approval holder should complete the Certificate of Turnover and send to the CAA for receipt by no later than 31 March 2013.

Once received by 31 March 2013, the CAA will consider whether a reduced annual charge for 2013/14 in accordance with paragraph 3.6.4 of the Scheme should be applied.

Status:Withdrawn on 1 April 2014
Review Comment:None
Date:1 February 2013
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