IN-2012/181: UK Winter Runway Assessment Trial 2012/2013 Trial

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Title:UK Winter Runway Assessment Trial 2012/2013 Trial
Description:A limited trial on the runway condition assessment and reporting table was undertaken over winter 2010-2011. This trial provided only limited information, so the trial was expanded to include 17 aerodromes, geographically spread across the United Kingdom during winter 2011-12. Unfortunately, owing to the mild winter only 52 results were recorded. Although the resulting data set was small there was evidence of correlation between the braking action estimate and the perceived braking action. The WIG has concluded that the proof of concept had been achieved, and the trial has been re-commissioned for the winter of 2012/2013 to increase the data set and confirm the potential benefits.
Status:Cancelled on 2 April 2013
Review Comment:This trial concluded on 31 March 2013
Date:31 October 2012
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