ORS4 No. 894: General validation of Part-FCL licences

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Reference:ORS4 No. 894
Title:General validation of Part-FCL licences
Description:The legislation defining the European rules for Flight Crew Licensing, including medical and other requirements, comes into force on 8 April 2012. The legislation is Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 - the “EASA Aircrew Regulation”. The EASA Aircrew Regulation applies in the UK as from 8 April 2012. A Part-FCL licence under the EASA Aircrew Regulation is valid for EASA aircraft under European legislation.
For non-EASA aircraft Article 50(1) of the Air Navigation Order requires any member of the flight crew of a UK registered aircraft to hold an appropriate licence granted or rendered valid under the Order.
The Order will be amended so that any Part-FCL licence will be valid for non-EASA aircraft. The purpose of this validation is to validate any Part-FCL licence so that it is valid for flying a UK registered, non-EASA aircraft until the Order is amended.

Status:Withdrawn on 1 October 2012
Review Comment:None
Date:13 April 2012
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