SN-2011/010: Reclassification of the Glasgow CTA

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Title:Reclassification of the Glasgow CTA
Description:Following consultation, an Airspace Change Proposal has been submitted by NATS Glasgow seeking the reclassification of the Glasgow Control Area (CTA) from airspace Class E to Class D. However, following an AIRPROX incident on 23 July 2011 between a glider and civil air transport aircraft within the existing Class E Glasgow CTA, DAP considers that a safety critical risk exists. Consequently, the Directorate has decided to reclassify the Glasgow CTA to Class D as an interim safety measure. This reclassification will take effect at 0001(Z) on 16 September 2011 and will be subject to NOTAM and AIC action.
Status:Cancelled on 15 May 2014
Review Comment:None
Date:11 August 2011
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