DAP Policy: Provisions and Support of Frequency 121.500 MHz

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Reference:DAP Policy
Title:Provisions and Support of Frequency 121.500 MHz
Description:This policy sets out the UK compliance with the ICAO Convention, the means of preserving the integrity of frequency of 121.500MHz and the framework governing the operation and in the UK. The frequency 121.500MHz is recognised as an emergency frequency for aviation and as such, its use and provision is fully legislated under the ICAO Convention on International Civil Aviation Volume 5, Annex 10 – Aeronautical Telecommunications. Annex 10 details the circumstances in which frequency 121.500MHz is to be used, these include: the direct handling of an emergency situation, the provision of air-ground communications in the event of an airborne equipment failure, to support search and rescue operations, or air policing/interception action. Fundamental to all these situations is the requirement to provide a clear frequency, specifically for the task, in order to minimize confusion and enhance operational efficiency.
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Date:5 June 2013
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