DAP Policy: Provisions and Support of Frequency 243.00 MHz

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Reference:DAP Policy
Title:Provisions and Support of Frequency 243.00 MHz
Description:As part of the UK system for the provision of an alerting service - in compliance with Annex 11 to the ICAO Convention on International Civil Aviation - frequency 243.00 MHz is recognised as an emergency frequency for aviation. In UK airspace, assistance and auto-triangulation is provided on the UHF (243.00MHz). The capability is delivered by the MoD through the Distress and Diversion (D&D) operation which provides for H24 monitoring of frequency 243.00MHz. Almost instantaneous aircraft position fixing by the auto-triangulation of direction finding (DF) bearings is available to D&D on 243.00MHz over most of the London FIR above 5000ft amsl and the Scottish FIR above 8,500ft amsl.
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Date:5 June 2013
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