CAP 452: Aeronautical Radio Station Operator's Guide

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Reference:CAP 452
Title:Aeronautical Radio Station Operator's Guide
Description:This document sets out the requirements for operators of aeronautical radio stations used for the provision of an Air/Ground Communication Service (AGCS), Offshore Communication Service (OCS) or Operational Control (i.e. company frequency). This amendment of CAP 452 includes some structural and content changes and there is a new chapter included for clearance Delivery Officers (Aerodrome). The CAA, therefore, welcomes constructive feedback regarding these changes, to ensure that the revised version of this publication meets the needs of those who use CAP 452 regularly and that it continues to evolve as a useful document in the future. Additionally, some of the content of CAP 452 relates to an ANO amendment regarding Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence. This ANO amendment was originally due to be published on 8th April 2012, however, it is now due to be published in May 2012, date to be confirmed.
Review Comment:None
Version:14th Edition
Date:23 March 2012
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