CAP 789: Requirements and Guidance Material for Operators

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Reference:CAP 789
Title:Requirements and Guidance Material for Operators
Description:This document supersedes CAP 768 and has been designed to provide information for both AOC holders and AOC applicants on the administrative procedures involved in holding an AOC. It also provides amplification of items that the operator may wish to include in the operations manual. Some material may be used verbatim; other material may need to be adapted to apply to the specific operation. The main difference from CAP 768 is that CAP 789 also contains requirements based on ICAO SARPs applicable to AOC holders (full details are in the Foreword). Finally, it offers useful information that may be of interest and relevance to AOC holders and other operators.

Note: Parts of the CAP are out of date due to the coming into force of EASA Regulations. See IN-2014/113 for further details.

Status:Reference Only
Review Comment:None
Version:Second Edition
Date:18 February 2011
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