DORA Communication 7907 (2nd ed. September 1981): The Noise and Number Index

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Reference:DORA Communication 7907 (2nd ed. September 1981)
Title:The Noise and Number Index
Description:This paper presents a short review of the Noise and Number Index (NNI), covering its origin and applications, its basis and limitations, the research which has been done upon it and a comparison with other indices. The opportunity is taken to explain in the course of the discussion those points which have been the most frequent sources of difficulty. It is hoped that this will contribute to a wider understanding of the nature of the Index and of its relevance and validity in the many different circumstances in which it may be used.

[This second edition incorporates the corrigenda and addendum published subsequent to the first edition. In Annex 1 there are also textual changes relating to the changed situation since the publication of the first edition.]

Review Comment:None
Date:September 1981
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