CAP 493: Manual of Air Traffic Services - Part 1 Amendment 14

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Reference:CAP 493
Title:Manual of Air Traffic Services - Part 1 Amendment 14
Description:The Manual of Air Traffic Services contains procedures, instructions and information which are intended to form the basis of air traffic services within the United Kingdom.

It is published for the guidance of civil air traffic controllers and may also be of general interest to others associated with civil aviation.

Supplementary Instructions (SIs) to CAP 493 are periodically issued ahead of routine amendments to introduce an entirely new subject, a radical change to existing instructions or to re-emphasise an existing instruction. CAP 493 should be read in conjunction with current SIs.

Status:Superseded on 18 July 2013
Review Comment:Edition 5 will become effective from 18/07/2013
Version:Fourth Edition incorporating Amdt 14
Date:21 March 2013
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