Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Aeroplane ATPL(A)

How to apply for the ATPL(A) licence


The holder of a Part-FCL ATPL(A) can fly EASA Aeroplanes registered in the EU and non-EASA Aeroplanes registered in the UK that come within the privileges of the licence and the valid ratings included in the licence.

Holders can:

- Exercise all the privileges of the holder of an LAPL(A), a PPL(A) and a CPL(A)

- Act as PIC of aeroplanes engaged in commercial air transport.

Who can apply

You must be at least 21 years old and hold:

(1) An MPL;
(2) A CPL (A) and a multi-engine IR for aeroplanes. In this case, you must also have received instruction in MCC.

You must have a current Class 1 medical certificate to apply for and hold this licence.

How to apply

Contact us

Licensing Department
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