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Guidance for commercial and private pilots


European (EU) legislation has changed pilot licensing rules and national licences will no longer be valid once the EASA transition periods are over. 


JAA licences issued by the UK CAA will also be converted to Part FCL licences.  Conversions will take place when a licensing action requires us to issue new licence documentation or by the renewal date of your JAA licence, whichever is sooner.

UK ATPL, CPL and PPL Licences

If you hold one of these licences with valid ratings you can fly EASA registered aircraft up until 7 April 2014. An EASA licence is required after that date.

LAPL Licences

Aeroplanes and helicopters flown within the scope of the LAPL privileges on one of the above licences and used for non-commercial purposes in VMC. can be used until 7 April 2015

For EASA operations and activities for Balloons, Airships and Sailplanes you are required to hold an EASA licence by 8 April 2015. To continue to exercise the, Aerobatic rating, Towing rating (Banner or Glider), Mountain rating, Flight Test rating you will require the rating on your EASA licence by 8 April 2015

LAPL privileges:

Flying EASA aircraft under 2,000 kg MTOM. 

Flights must be:

  • private or recreational (i.e. non commercial)
  • have a maximum of 4 people on board (3 passengers and the pilot)
  • take place in visual meteorological conditions (VMC)

Further details about converting your licence can be found in CAP804- Section 4 Part P.

The CAA has amended the Air Navigation Order so that EASA licences with the appropriate class ratings are valid for non-EASA aircraft within those classes.  This means that holders of an EASA PPL(A) with a SEP rating do not require a national licence to fly an amateur-built aeroplane or a Tigermoth, for example.


You must have:

  • a current and valid Part Med Class 1, 2 or LAPL Medical certificate applicable to level of licence that you are applying for.
  • a current and valid language proficiency level acceptable to the UK CAA.
Holders of UK ATPL and CPL licences who want to convert to the respective EASA Part FCL ATPL or CPL’s must hold a current and valid a rating relevant to the privileges of the licence they are converting to.

Converting to a LAPL requires a current and valid rating relevant to the privileges of the licence or undertake a proficiency check with an examiner.

If the licence you are converting has expired, we require the date of your last Pilot in Command flight using the privileges of this licence.

This conversion table shows how licences will be converted to meet EASA requirements. 


The fee can vary and depends the type of licence that you hold and what you are converting to.


For example:

Conversion to an EASA Pilot Licence from a limited validity JAR or National Licence:

  • Professional Pilot’s Licence £137
  • Private Pilot’s Licence £72

Conversion of an Unlimited validity National UK Private Pilot’s Licence is £64
Conversion of a National Private Pilot’s Licence (NPPL) to an EASA Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) £40

If you need a UK national licence to be issued to allow you to fly UK Annex II aircraft an additional charge of £35 applies.

Use our Fee Calculator to find the cost for your type of application.

Further information is available in the current Scheme of Charges (Personnel Licensing)

Processing time (On receipt of all required information)

We endeavour to process licence applications within 10 working days. Incomplete applications are not subject to the 10 working day turnaround until all application requirements are met.

Validity period

EASA-FCL licences have no expiry date and are therefore valid for the holder’s lifetime.

Associated Rules, Regulations and Forms

You will need to provide

  • A completed online application form if you only need to convert your licence
  • If you are applying for another service, but have not yet converted your licence, use Application form SRG1104 and supporting material as applicable for your circumstances and the type of application;
  • A copy of the certificate of test pages from your existing licence certified by the head of training (this enables us to ensure that your licence is issued with details of your current ratings).

Please note that all supporting evidence and documents must be certified by the Head of Training or a UK Examiner whether it is scanned or sent to us by post, fax or email

See our guidance on the supporting information required for different types of licence conversions

Applying for additional ratings and other privileges

  • you must include clear evidence of meeting the conversion report, as detailed in CAP 804, Part I Section 4 by way of certified copies of the relevant documentation or flying logs.


  • to add instructor privileges for CPL or FIC or MPL you will need to show that you have taken these courses at an approved ATO.
    Please submit either the FIC Authorisation issued or confirmation from the ATO (FTO) that ran the course.


  • if you are instructing on Single Pilot High Performance (Complex) Aircrafts you will need to show that courses for these types of aircraft took place at an approved ATO (FTO or TRTO).  Confirmation will need to be supplied from the ATO (FTO or TRTO).


  • if you are operating aircraft in accordance with Low Visibility procedures you will need to produce evidence from your Air Operator (AOC holder) that you have completed the appropriate LV elements during your last Licensing Proficiency Check. 

    Company LV Authorisation will be sufficient evidence or the Competent Authorities copy of the appropriate Examiners Report. Or your Employer name and AOC number

How to apply

If you are applying only to convert your UK or JAR licence to an EASA Part FCL licence issued by the UK CAA please use this online application form (supporting information can be scanned and attached to your application)

If you are applying for another service, such as the grant of a type rating and do not currenlty hold an EASA Part FCL, this will trigger a conversion to an EASA Part FCL licence.  For this type of application please complete SRG 1104 in addition to the relevant application form for the licensing application that you need.

What to expect

A desk based assessment from a Flight Crew Licensing Officer or Assistant.   Following an acceptable assessment your licensing application will be processed signed and despatched.   We will contact you if we have any queries regarding your application and may keep your application pending whilst any additional requirements are met.

An assessment and refund fee may be charged if the assessment results in the rejection of your application.  This will also be applied if you cancel your application.

Some applicants who are converting an existing licence to an EASA licence may also require a UK national licence to fly Annexe II aircraft (Aircraft not on the EASA Type List). 

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